Bar for Superbowl near Lake Placid?

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  1. Any suggestions? We are technically in Wilmington, near Whiteface Mountain. The places within Lake Placid were all very nice, but not exactly prime for Superbowl watching (at least the ones I saw. Maybe there are more?). I'm looking for something with lots of TVs, wings and a fun atmosphere. Good beer is a big plus, but I think I can deal with a limited selection if everything else is good.
  2. When I was there over the summer, Lake Placid Brewing seemed like a decent spot to catch a game....
  3. We actually tried to get in there on Saturday night, but it was too crowded. Seemed like a nice place, but I didn't see a bunch of TVs so maybe not the best spot for a game? We ended up at the Dancing Bear with a table near the bar, which worked our fairly well. Beer line-up was pretty lame, but great prices till 7pm. And $6 for a huge plate of nachos can't be beat.
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    Way too late on this, and I do not recall seeing a television, but there are only three words you need to know in regards to Lake Placid and beer:

    Liquids and Solids

    That place is ridiculous!!!

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