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Barley genome breakthrough may lead to better beer

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by sandiego67, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. This should be an interesting dichotomy for the intersection of the farm-to-table/slow food crowd and the beer crowd.

  2. iwantmorehops

    iwantmorehops Savant (395) Vermont Sep 25, 2010

    Shouldn't be much of a debate on this at all:
    "This research will streamline efforts to improve barley production through breeding for improved varieties,"

    Breeding is at least something we have been doing to plants and animals for thousands of years, the genome would just make it easier. I don't get testy until they start working animal genes into my plants.
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  3. dauss

    dauss Advocate (595) Colorado Aug 9, 2003

    It's done great for tomatoes hasn't it? Extra firm so you can ship them in 25# boxes without them crushing and bruising and the elimination of "green shoulders" on the fruit. Now we can have good looking tomatoes year round and they taste like absolutely nothing.
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  4. Totally read this as "Barley gnome breakthrough...."
  5. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    Just like most mass produced beers.
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  6. shand

    shand Advocate (670) Florida Jul 13, 2010

    Here in Florida, we have the Tasti-Lee tomatoes out of UF that are also selectively cross-bred and blow away the "premium tomato" in every aspect. Nothing wrong with selective breeding, it just depends on what you're breeding for.