Barley John's to open production brewery in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Chaz, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Y'all ready, New Richmond? :)

    For the uninitiated, Barley John's is a brewpub located in a near suburb of Minneapolis, MN which has had a good deal of success over the years, particularly with respect to winning the 'Great Snowshoe' for the past several years at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild's annual Winterfest event.

    This news is much bigger for beer lovers living in and near the Twin Cities area, but (due to Minnesota state law) the beers will initially be available in Wisconsin-only. Plus, western Wisconsin bordering the Twin Cities is pretty much an extension of the 'East Metro' for anyone familiar with customary Sunday Beer Runs. ;)

    I can already sense the anticipation for pilgrimages and road trips...
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