Barrel-Aged Fantasy Football League

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  1. The site only says its 2 weeks of playoffs...I think it's all done. I guess we'll wait for directions from Heatwave on how to start the bottle picking process.
  2. Pretty sure the season is over. If you look on the league page it lists the final rankings, and declares a league champion.
  3. Congrats to Louisville on winning the championship game. Heatwave put up a helluva fight for third. Bryant and Romo torched me. Was lucky to pull out a win. All in all, it was a good season.
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    If I am getting ahead of myself please let me know.

    OK I guess I will kick this off with my first three picks:
    Arctic Devil
    H24 Pugachevs Cobra

    I dont trust the people at my shady apartment office.

    Jim Beam Brands Co.
    Benjamin Reed (Cost Accounting)
    526 Happy Hollow Rd
    Clermont, KY 40110
  5. It looks like Heatwave's intention was to have a "draft" for the bottles with the Champion picking first, runner up second, etc:

  6. phisigben

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    If you go to the league page Heatwave made a post on there stating,
    1st place picks 3 bottles
    2nd place then picks 2
    3rd place then picks 1

    1st place picks his next 3
    2nd picks his next 2
    3rd gets what is left
  7. And based on that description...

    1st pick: Louisville Panty Farts
    2nd pick: Oude Beuzers
    3rd Pick: Vermont GRONK (249 points during playoffs)

    Someone please check my math on the playoff points.

    Quarterback Saccharomyces: 235
    Furious Inch: 234
    Heatwave33: 229
    Denver Myrcenaries: 206
    Essex Butternut Donut: 186
    NOLA Alefiends: 173
    Hotty Toddy: 171
    Show Me Your TD's: 170
    Team osubuckeye99: 130
  8. Wow you're right, discrepancies all up in this joint. The last time Heatwave33 posted in this thread was November 2nd and his BA inbox is full. Unless he posts here with a final decision I think we set a deadline and the 9 non-winning teams have until then to cast their vote...thoughts?
  9. Heatwave - Hoping you get this alert and check the thread.
  10. phisigben

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    Either way was fine with me that is why I tried to kick this off.
  11. Not that we need another point of contention, but what the hell, here goes.

    Why do the winners have to ship? I noticed Mr. Panty Farts chose his own bottle and if the other two winners do the same it would resolve this, but shouldn't they be choosing bottles only from the non-winners? Meaning champion chooses 5, second place chooses 3 and third place chooses 1...
  12. phisigben

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    Yeah I didnt know the if it was OK to choose your own bottle, I just thought it would save me $15 in shipping. But IMO if Oude Beuzers wants the bottle that Vermont GRONK anted up I think he has the right to choose it if he wants to.
  13. Vermont GRONK here...I'm fine with shipping my beer out. Even as a winner, if we're swapping awesome beers it's fine with me to both send and receive. Gotta spread the love. This was a really fun league, glad to be a part of it.
  14. I'm the Oude Beuzers. And I was also under the impression that it would be 1st picks 3, 2nd picks 2, 3rd picks one and then it repeats. I guess I'm ok with people picking their own bottles. I don't think I'll pick mine just because I want to try new delicious beer but to each his own.

    If we don't hear from him by New Years I say we go ahead and make the picks and then start messaging ppl for shipping addresses. Thoughts?
  15. phisigben

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    Im Louisville Panty Farts, so it sounds like between the winners we are all fine with 3,2,1 then 3,2,1 and being able to pick their own bottles.

    OK I guess I will kick this off with my first three picks:
    Arctic Devil (Kevanb)
    H24 Pugachevs Cobra (comfortablynumb1)
    MoAS (My own bottle)

    I dont trust the people at my shady apartment office.

    Jim Beam Brands Co.
    Benjamin Reed (Cost Accounting)
    526 Happy Hollow Rd
    Clermont, KY 40110
  16. Cool, I will go with:

    BA Old Ruffian (+Uncle Jacobs) (Denver Myrcenaries)
    2x BA Blackout Stout (Show Me Your TD's!!)

    Ian Flaherty
    18 Minihans Lane
    Quincy, MA 02169
  17. Honestly, I have never seen so many descrepancies with the rules in 10+ years of playing FF football. Have to think this league would have been alot better if the commish would have just followed the ESPN format. A team that doesn't make the playoffs, and still places third is a terrible rule imo. I thought that the rule was in place because a playoff game was set to be two weeks long. IE: The accumulation of points between the two losing playoff teams.

    With that said, congrats to all the winners.
  18. I'm pretty sure Furious Inch is third...not VT Gronk. 3rd is the winner of the consolation playoff match.
  19. Either way it doesn't impact me - I didn't win and I'm sending to you. I guess it depends if we're following the Commish's rule or how it "should" have been done. This whole thing has left me scratching my head. Time for a beer.
  20. Very confusing indeed. Really hope the commish chimes in on the subject sometime soon.
  21. Guys, maybe I'm just simple but I really have no idea what the supposed confusion is all about...There was two weeks of playoffs with four teams having a chance at the championship...The beer winners are the championship winner and the championship loser. Third place being the second round consolation game winner. If you weren't in the top 4 going into the playoffs, you didn't have a chance of winning anything. And the beer picking is clearly layer out in the message board that was started at the very beginning of the season. All in was a very clean season and I have no idea why people would take issue with the outcome.
  22. Now I'm lost too. The first post made in this thread does indicate that I would be 3rd place based on the playoff performance. But, I did miss the playoffs. I'd logically think 1 and 2 would be from the championship game, and 3rd would be the winner of the consolation game (between the two semifinal losers).

    I'm fine either way, but now I'm not sure what the intent was by the commish with how to settle who is third. I'll go with the consensus, let's hope we hear from Heatwave33. He was last on BA on Dec. 21, maybe travelling for the holidays?
  23. Congrats to the winners... whoever it is decided to be! Let me know who to ship to. (By the way, if anyone would prefer two BCS Coffee's to the Bramble I offered up, I am willing to swap with that if they wanted)

    As far as rankings go, I have never been in a league where the 3rd place person was not the person who won the game beween the two semifinalists who lost to the finalists. Going forward, I would definitely do this league again next year (hopefully with better results) but would recommend as said in the past, that we use another website and perhaps take a closer look at the setup.
  24. The way you stated it in this post is clear and easily understood. Problem is, the rules laid out in the very first post of the thread combined with what the league message board says aren't clear and easily understood and contradict each other. My interpretation was that the commish wanted to customize this BIF outside of what ESPN fantasy football settings would allow so he added the rules here. I'm not upset about it, just pointing out that there could be two different third place winners if you follow the traditional way fantasy football is played or if you follow the Commish's details of the BIF here. Either way I'll gladly ship the odd man out a box once we figure out who's getting 2 bottles for 3rd place.

    Lesson learned here is that as members of any ffl league we all need to do a better job reviewing the league settings and rules at the beginning of the season and figure things out then.
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    Yeah normally I would have just said whoever wins the playoff consolation bracket (3rd place) should win. But when you read Heatwaves 1st post I could take it two ways. First who ever scores the most combined points over two weeks in the consultation playoffs and that would be would Furious Inch 234 to Heatwave 229. Or just like Brees6221 thought that after the Super Bowl was determined it was anyone who had the most points over the two weeks of playoffs/super bowl. I honestly could see it go either way I guess its just rests on what Heatwave meant.
  26. Happy New Year everyone! Still no word from Heatwave, hopefully he's ok. Are we voting on third place?
  27. Had a convo with VT Gronk the other day, and we're going to give Heatwave a couple more days to respond. If he doesn't respond, we were thinking we can pick playoff teams this weekend, or something similar to see who takes third. Sorry for slowing down the process everyone.

    Cheers, and I hope everyone had a great Holiday!
  28. It says he was on BA tonight...hopefully we will hear from him soon...
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    I just wanted to bump this to the top, hopefully we will hear something from Heatwave soon
  30. Just wanted to let everyone know that VT Gronk and I have picked games this weekend to decide who takes third, so we will have a winner by Monday.

  31. phisigben

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    Just curious who has what? Go Colts!
  32. So does this mean we can't pick Heatwave's beer? What the heck happened to him?
  33. Heatwave33

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    Sorry I've had no internet and been working, sick, etc, etc. Good times for all for sure. But here we go.

    Winner can pick his own bottle. 1st place picks first (3bottles)
    2nd place picks second (2 bottles)
    3rd place picks 3rd (1 bottle)
    Then repeat with 1st thru 3rd

    Sorry for the delay too. I had to go to my parents house to use their internet :(
  34. VT Gronk picked: Bengels, Packers, Ravens, Seahawks. Total score from Hawks-Skins game: 39 (Tiebreaker)
    I picked:Texans, Packers, Ravens, Redskins, 43.

    Should be a good weekend of football
  35. The effing Bengals screwed me by laying down yesterday! I think this comes down our tiebreaker...
  36. Haha, nice win. The Skins layed an egg in the second half.
  37. phisigben

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    OK so re-cap
    Arctic Devil
    H24 Pugachevs Cobra

    BA Old Ruffian
    2x BA Blackout

    Number45forever is up with one pick and whats left on the board:
    FW XV
    BA Big Sound
    BA Old Raspy
    SAng Noir
    BCBS Coffee
    BCBS Bramble
  38. Our tiebreaker did come down to guessing the total number of points in the Sea vs. Washington game...I guess I can thank Shanahan the Great for playing RGIII with only one functioning knee, that kept the (Redskins) score nice and low to allow me to pull out an insanely close victory in this third place tiebreaker.

    I'll gladly take BCBS Bramble for my pick.

    Bill Wilkinson
    76 Colonial Dr. #7
    White River Junction, VT 05001
    cell: 603-667-1539
    [email protected]
  39. phisigben

    phisigben Savant (390) Kentucky Jan 8, 2009 Verified

    I will then take:
    BA Big Sound
    FW XV
  40. I'll take BCBS Coffee and BA Old Raspy