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BCBS around Milwaukee/Waukesha

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by thebigredone, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Ri0

    Ri0 Champion (915) Wisconsin Jul 1, 2012

    Does it make it to Madison or should I just forget about it?
  2. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    Its hard to say. It should. Especially this year that they are saying there is so much more available.
  3. TonyTalon

    TonyTalon Savant (430) Wisconsin Mar 20, 2012

    I stopped in the Sendicks on capital in Pewaukee yesterday around 2pm and though they didn't have it, they took my name down and I actually just received a call from them saying they received some. Not sure if its still there. Also last night Sendicks on North ave in tosa had 3 cases and were selling them by the bottle.
  4. nsmartell

    nsmartell Savant (330) Wisconsin Aug 17, 2007

  5. atone315

    atone315 Advocate (640) Wisconsin Oct 8, 2008

    Pretty much everywhere.
  6. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    Hmm, they pretty much refused to help me yesterday.

    Anyways, coworker just returned from there and was told they received it today but it was gone in minutes.
  7. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    Consumer Beverage is all out.
  8. TyPhD

    TyPhD Zealot (85) Mar 19, 2012

    And everywhere I call is either out or never got any.. putting all my hope in discount/rays now
  9. mychalg9

    mychalg9 Advocate (660) Illinois Apr 8, 2010

    So I'm driving through Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon, is it even worth looking for? I'll probably just hit Discount and stock up on other stuff
  10. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (360) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    Seems like you might have better luck at Discount or anywhere else not around the East Side/Downtown/Riverwest area (as someone from not here, I really have to say that this city is amazingly spread out... should just make it all different, smaller towns instead...). I think Discount said they would have theirs tomorrow, but, who knows.
  11. Groppi had 2 open cases sitting back behind the deli with notes on each 4 pack. That's as close as I got to finding it.
  12. 3 Cellars in Franklin will be doing lotteries at their anniversary party next Saturday. $10 reservation required. I'll be passing on this one.
  13. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    I got some at Elm Grove Liquors, 2 bottle limit. Discount had theirs today, not much left (heard case and a half?). All the Sendiks in the area are out. Woodman's in the Falls had a couple cases left but didn't think they were gonna last much longer.
  14. grynder33

    grynder33 Savant (370) Wisconsin Jul 31, 2003

    Discount in Milwaukee was selling 4 packs Thursday afternoon
  15. TyPhD

    TyPhD Zealot (85) Mar 19, 2012

    Discount still had some as of ~8pm. Not sure how much left yet. Happy I was able to snag some, but today didn't leave me much hope for being able to get any Coffee (if it does make it's way up this way...) At any rate, I feel like Ray's will be anyone that missed out's best bet at this point. See y'all there bright and early..
  16. nsmartell

    nsmartell Savant (330) Wisconsin Aug 17, 2007

    Discount in Waukesha has it for $20/4pack.
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  17. TonyTalon

    TonyTalon Savant (430) Wisconsin Mar 20, 2012

    Wine Cellar of Wisconsin
    Beer lovers rejoice - Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is here NOW. Don't wait in line tomorrow. Come to the Wine Cellar today, and get yours for FREE!

    Here's the deal: Simply spend $40 on anything in our craft beer department (excluding closeouts), and we'll give you a bottle of the super-rare Bourbon County Stout, absolutely FREE! Limit four bottles per household, while supplies last.

    This is one of my little secrets Ill share with you all. They also have the cheapest Founders prices in the city....CHEERS!
  18. Waukesha is claiming they are out. But im not sure i buy that because the dude with the glasses is always a prick nless he knows you very very well... its ridiculous. Last time we had a rare release i was told they were out and the guy next to him overheard and said, "just get him one" it was a buddy of his lol. Anyways, mke has better selection anyways maybe we can get some down there.
  19. Found some at Ottos Elm Grove liquor. 2 bottle max, $5 per bottle. Guy suggested aging since so boozy this yearand its better aged. Seems many are drinking now though...
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  20. Flesh

    Flesh Disciple (60) Wisconsin Nov 20, 2009

    Just picked up a 4pk at MKE Whole Foods for $19.99. There were a couple singles and 4pk's left when I bought them.
  21. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (360) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    Whole Foods on the East Side had some when I stopped in this afternoon around 3 or so. 1 4pk/customer limit @ 19.99 (21 or so after tax).
  22. sjstraub

    sjstraub Savant (305) Wisconsin Nov 13, 2006

    Ha. I spend a boat load of money there and the guy that was working certainly recognizes me. I think he's even seen me chatting extensively with the liquor manager, who I have a very good relationship with. That said, that employee was a manure-head to me as well.
  23. stouts4me

    stouts4me Savant (350) Illinois Oct 9, 2011

    HMMMM....... no lie, I called about 6 places in WI., 2 places sold me a CASE each, one case was $102, one was $119, 2 stops, 2cases.
  24. When you say no lie on the Internet it means you are lying out of your ass.
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  25. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    I was in there yesterday and he offered me a 4pk, I turned it down since I got a 4pk there on Thursday. Normally they sell it by the bottle with a 2 bottle limit, this is the first year I have been able to get a 4pk there. He did say he only had a few left (case and a half was left Thursday night) and lots of people were calling/stopping in. He said he had a guy yesterday that tried to get two 4pks by saying his 12 year old son was a customer as well. I've never had a problem with him. I chat with him when I'm in there and he hooks me up sometimes. I do also spend a lot of money there as well though (generally stop in every Wed and Fri). He takes good care of his regulars, I don't know how you can be mad at that.

    MKE discount is way worse. I have never been able to get a release there and I have friends that can't get rare releases there either. I have never had an issue at Waukesha. Comparing selections, MKE might have a couple more beers, but nothing that stands out as a must go.
  26. stouts4me

    stouts4me Savant (350) Illinois Oct 9, 2011

    Clearly, you do not know, stouts4me - sir.
  27. Haha whats up xsists, haven't talked to you since DLD. Anyways, that dude with the glasses always seems annoyed with me when I'm in there, no matter how nice I try to talk to him, he just seems annoyed I'm asking him anything. I go there all the time too, and ask him questions from time to time, so he definitely knows me, but if its inconvenient for him to have to go in back, he'll just say he's sold out. He's done it before, and I was talking to a buddy of his, and his buddy called him on it, and he got me one, for the KBS release. Yeah man, I've seen him do similar to other guys I've seen in there. It's not like I'm some random. I spent a ton there too. Oh well, Otto's hooked me up, plus the guy is really personable there, he's a good dude to talk beer with.
  28. nsmartell

    nsmartell Savant (330) Wisconsin Aug 17, 2007

    @rayswine: Bonus round! Look what #craftbeer just happened to come back in! #GooseIsland #Bourbon County anyone? #beer http://t.co/3VX139iH

    I also heard Sendik's in Tosa had it earlier this week.
  29. Just stopped at Kenosha Woodman's today and saw a ton behind the counter. 6.99 each, 2 bottle limit.
  30. Either this is coming in waves, or some stores were just slow to put it on the shelves. Found some at my local grocery store last night, and it certainly wasn't there on Sunday. Check your local Sentry stores with a liquor department.
  31. On tap at Capt mikes in kenosha.
  32. Any bottles still around on the East side?
  33. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (360) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    I would maybe call Otto's, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Pretty sure Whole Foods is out, but then who knows if they have any any singles in the back.
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  34. njfairbanks

    njfairbanks Disciple (55) Wisconsin May 15, 2012

    found some at sendiks on oakland. sitting there, right in the cold case. also heard sendiks in whitefish bay may have some too.
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  35. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (200) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    Rays had a bunch last week, not sure if any is left.
  36. allouez86

    allouez86 Savant (340) Wisconsin Jan 24, 2009

    Was. On tap at the Palm in Bay View as of Saturday. It was tasty
  37. JRicky

    JRicky Initiate (15) Nov 3, 2012

    I know they have a case at American Liquor on 75th Street in Kenosha, Wi, it was $24.99. Mars has it but they are charging $36.99
  38. funhog

    funhog Savant (420) Illinois Mar 8, 2011

    $36.99:eek:....Don't do it!
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