Beard Beer? Rogue Ales to culture and brew with yeast from brewmaster John Maier's beard follicles.

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by Todd, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,700) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified Subscriber

    (Newport, OR) -- Columbus may have discovered America but Brewmaster, John Maier, has discovered a new wild yeast that was developed from his old growth beard.

    In cooperation with White Labs, samples were collected from Rogue Ales' hopyard and sent to White Labs for culture and testing. Sadly, all three samples proved incapable of producing a yeast suitable for brewing.

    As a joke, nine beard follicles were carefully cut from the beard of Rogue brewmaster, John Maier. The follicles were placed in a petri dish and sent in for testing.

    To the shock of the experts at White Labs, the beard samples had produced a yeast strain that was perfect for use in brewing. Additional testing was conducted and confirmed that the yeast strain was not Rogue’s yeast. White Labs' Chris White said, "we were shocked and thrilled with this remarkable discovery."

    John has been growing his beard continuously since 1978 and he has claimed that he will never cut it off. When told of the discovery, John said simply, "It was in front of me the whole time and it only took two centuries and five decades to grow."

    The beard yeast is currently being used in test brews to determine the perfect style and yeast combination. The beard beer, New Crustacean, will be released in early 2013.

    Rogue Ales and Spirits is dedicated to saving the terroir of Oregon hops, barley and rye, by growing our own, one acre at a time.


    Brewmaster John Maier, Rogue Ales

  2. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (965) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    Well, at least it came from facial hair....

    Guess I'll give it a try.
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  3. ant880

    ant880 Advocate (645) New York Nov 7, 2010

    I am at once completely repulsed and strangely examining belly button lint
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  4. jesskidden

    jesskidden Champion (825) New Jersey Aug 10, 2005 Subscriber

    They should brew a chicha with the yeast, that way those with weak stomachs (probably not an inconsequential market segment) can avoid one beer, rather than two.
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  5. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Advocate (575) New Jersey Mar 6, 2008 Verified Subscriber

    talk about hair of the dog
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  6. stupac2

    stupac2 Initiate (0) California Feb 22, 2011

    Yet another delicious-sounding invention from Rogue!
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  7. Oddly intriguing.
  8. CBlack85

    CBlack85 Advocate (555) South Carolina Jul 12, 2009 Verified

    Just another Rogue beer that I won't be interested in drinking...
  9. Copy cat!!! I've been getting my yeast from pubic hair for years!
  10. BOOYA! Nice to see they're trying to improve upon their current lineup...
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  11. Are they going to put it in a dead squirrel?
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  12. alfrantzell

    alfrantzell Savant (375) California Jul 11, 2005

    Don't be ridiculous.
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  13. djaeon

    djaeon Champion (755) California Oct 2, 2006

    About 2 and a half months late for for an April Fools joke, lol;)
  14. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Advocate (575) New Jersey Mar 6, 2008 Verified Subscriber

    Male or female or does it depend on the style?
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  15. litheum94

    litheum94 Advocate (665) California Dec 29, 2008

    Sweet. I hope they have a version that is dry hopped with his sweaty socks.
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  16. black13

    black13 Savant (465) Oregon Apr 11, 2010 Verified

    Finding a hair in your beer sucks, but in this beer it means something entirely different. :eek:
  17. Drewskis

    Drewskis Disciple (70) Louisiana Jun 20, 2012

    Lulz @ some of the comments! I will try it.
  18. superspak

    superspak Poobah (1,155) Michigan May 5, 2010 Verified

    The new beer name would be more suited if the yeast was cultured from some other type of hair. >_>
  19. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (605) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    I guess the yeast from a vajayjay would be the natural progression of truly wild beers.
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  20. Etan

    Etan Champion (765) Wisconsin Jul 11, 2011

  21. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poobah (1,430) California Mar 18, 2010 Verified

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  22. Zaphog

    Zaphog Poobah (1,200) Michigan Sep 23, 2011 Verified

    Weird. Beard.
  23. ryan1788a5

    ryan1788a5 Savant (455) Massachusetts Nov 27, 2009 Subscriber

    I thought I'd read an article about this a while back. Somebody (thought it may have even been Rogue) tried brewing beer from beard yeast, but it didn't come out so well.
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  24. MaxSpang

    MaxSpang Advocate (515) Ohio Jan 28, 2011

    There's a fine line between "Can we do this?" and "Should we do this?".

    I believe Rogue has crossed that line.
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  25. mschofield

    mschofield Advocate (655) Massachusetts Oct 16, 2002 Subscriber

    It's not like they're throwing beard hairs in the fermenter. It's been cultured, cleaned and bred through dozens of generations by now.

    I don't get squeamish over taking Penicillin because it was found on moldy oranges.
  26. hopsbreath

    hopsbreath Savant (475) Oregon Aug 28, 2009

    Pretty sure I remember the brew master of Alameda talking about this himself at a beer dinner I attended. His beard beer didn't turn out too well either.
  27. Eriktheipaman

    Eriktheipaman Champion (795) California Sep 4, 2010 Verified

    This is gross and awesome. I'd try it for sure.
  28. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Advocate (575) New Jersey Mar 6, 2008 Verified Subscriber

  29. Danielbt

    Danielbt Savant (380) Texas May 4, 2012

  30. It was Rogue. It was in a BA article a while back.
  31. So long as they use some of that free range coastal water, im sure it'll be good.
  32. Keffa

    Keffa Advocate (605) Ohio Jan 8, 2009 Verified

    You know, I expected Shorts to cross that line. Guess that means I lost my bet with the bookie...
  33. egrace84

    egrace84 Poobah (1,050) Illinois Mar 25, 2012 Verified

    ISO: OPB
  34. I can only imagine what they're gonna charge for this concoction...
  35. JdoubleA

    JdoubleA Savant (420) North Carolina Apr 27, 2011 Verified

    -I remember the same article, and it was rogue, because when I saw this title, I thought two things... "I thought they said it turned out horribly" and "This must be an old article from before they found out that it was horrible".

    -Not sure which magazine it was though... although I'm positive it was print and not online. I seem to remember another brewer who used whole pies... in a beer that was actually good.
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  36. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poobah (1,430) California Mar 18, 2010 Verified

    I remember that too. I think another one from the same company used a smoked pig in a beer of theirs.
  37. Etan

    Etan Champion (765) Wisconsin Jul 11, 2011

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  38. sinkas

    sinkas Aficionado (245) Australia Jul 9, 2008

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