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Becoming a microbrewery in the city of Dallas just got easier

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by nickss, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. nickss

    nickss Savant (390) Texas Jun 17, 2005

    From DMN:

    Future alcohol production in Dallas received a round of support Wednesday at City Hall.
    The City Council unanimously approved changes to the city’s development code, making it easier and less costly to open a brewery, distillery or winery.

    The current code allowed such businesses only in industrial areas after they received a specific-use permit, which takes time and money. But now micro-breweries, micro-distilleries and wineries operate in industrial areas by right — and in other non-residential areas with use permits. (The still have to follow state and city laws governing alcohol production, sales and consumption and could have no more than 10,000 square feet of floor space.)

    “We’re excited about it. We think it’s great for the city,” said George Esquivel of Four Corners Brewing Co., which spent more than $6,500 in seeking the rule change.

    He and his Four Corners partners plan to open their brewery on Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge by Labor Day.

    It will be the third Dallas brewery, joining Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Peticolas Brewing Co.
    A fourth, Community Brewing Co., is requesting a rezoning to operate a brewery in the city’s Design District.

  2. chaseabeer

    chaseabeer Savant (380) Oklahoma Feb 4, 2009

    Any word on Community Brewing Co? Looking for a contact on them. Can't find one.