Been in Anaheim 3 days...

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by JISurfer, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. JISurfer

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    And I've bought quite a bit of beer. The selection down here is great, but I can't find any Alpine IPAs. I've been to Hi-Times, Total Wine Brea, and Hacienda. I thought, Hi-Times selection was great, even saw a beer from my native state (South Carolina), Rockhopper. We have far better beers there, not sure why it made it's way over here, but still cool nonetheless. Obviously, having to take it all back in my luggage makes it hard to choose which ones to get. So far, I've got Rampage, Simtra, Smoking Wood, 5 Golden Rings, Double Jack, Double Dorado, and TREAT. Love the beer scene, y'all have it great here, but I hate the traffic.
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  2. sounds to me like you have had a succesful trip so far. You won't find any Alpine, sorry to say buddy.

    If you still want to spend more money... grab some green flash stuff, lots of Russian Rivers beer is circulating right now. Some Alesmith also! or just sit on what you've got because it sounds like you have many enjoyable nights with tose beers in your future!
  3. JISurfer

    JISurfer Champion (970) Hawaii Dec 10, 2002

    Yeah, I've been looking at Alesmith Decadence, might get that one as well.
  4. Gotsa go to Alpine to get the Alpine.
  5. at the very least, it is a pretty bottle...

    what do you guys get in regards to Great Divide and Lost Abbey back at home?
  6. JISurfer

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    Great divide, everything. Lost Abbey, nothing.
  7. its spotty... some people will say they have horrible quality control issues... but there are some keepers out in the stores right now.
  8. JISurfer

    JISurfer Champion (970) Hawaii Dec 10, 2002

    The owner at Hacienda was saying that Alpine is more available up in NorCal. If that's true, we visit the Bay Area every summer, the wife's family lives there. I will definitely try to find it out there.
  9. rrryanc

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    They're misinformed.
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  10. Apline makes 1000 barrels per year. There is not much being shipped outside of Alpine.
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  11. what everyone else sais... Alpine is our west coast version of Hill Farmstead. out of the way(although not as far as people make it sound), and barely any distro.
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  12. JISurfer

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    I guess that adds to the demand. Sounds similar to COAST at home. Most of their beers you can only get in Charleston, but occasionally they pop up in random places. When they have a special release, people drive from as far as 6 hours to wait an hour or so in line. Kind of annoying for us locals, but I understand the excitement.
  13. grilledsquid

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    I hope you're getting some good eats--lots of great ethnic food around the area.
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    The "closest" spot to Orange County that regularly gets it is Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido. Many other San Diego stores get it, but then you have to travel to... well, San Diego.

    Now that I think about it, El Cerrito Liquors in Corona gets some too (they had Duet a week ago), but they sell out very quickly after posting it on FB.

    You may also try Hollinghead Deli in Orange. They use to get Alpine, but honestly I don't recall seeing them stock any for over a year. But even if they don't carry it, that place is always worth it for a great sandwich and brew.
  15. bladerR

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    Whittier Liquor Mart had bottle(s) of Alpine Nelson, but you have to "ask" for it. I was looking for Parabola and turned down the offer of Nelson, this was on Friday afternoon.
  16. Sam_Frank

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    Sunset Beer Company in LA gets it's sometimes but it would be gone by the time you drove from Orange County

    should just make a road trip down there. it would certainly be worth the drive
  17. dcgunman

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    I wish I would of read this thread on Friday. . . .I was just Alpine this Saturday and picked me up 3 growlers of O'Briens IPA, 1 growler of Nelson and bottles of Duet, Nelson and Pure Hoppiness. I would of gladly picked some Alpine beers up for you.
  18. I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a growler of O'Brien's today.
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  19. ficklenicholas

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    Blue Palms had Duet for On Site Consumption on Saturday night when i was there.
  20. Liquor Mart #6 in Whittier manages to land a case or two now and again but they instagram/FB post it when they receive it.
    If you're not within a few blocks of the place you'll likely miss out.
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    That doesn't sound like something Frank would say.
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  22. Hit up Jazz at El Cerrito Liquor and/or Damien at Liquormart Whittier. Or just make the drive to Alpine... that's what I would prob do if I were you.
  23. lol. i hope this isn't someone you're getting any other advice from or heaven forbid relying on for anything important. :eek:
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    He also told me about Sex ed, how to vote, global warming, and NAFTA.
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    NAMBLA? Ouch!
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    I'm pretty sure at this point we both lose. :/.
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