Beer at Bank of America Stadium - Belk Bowl

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  1. What beer is available at the Stadium? I know it's been posted before, but can't find the thread. What beers are available and what sections?
  2. no clue if you will see the same stuff at the bowl game as you do for panthers games and if they would even be in same sections...NoDa, Foothills, Olde Meck, Sweetwater... have fun, i just cant bring myself to say go duke..damn, i just did :)
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    You can if you spell Dook correctly.
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  5. just saw this on the facebooks

    Heading to the Belk Bowl later today? Don't forget that you can grab a Ramble on Red, Coco Loco & The Woody and Wilcox Show IPA in sections 118 & 518. Makes the game even better!
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  6. coco loco has been found
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    That you can get a GABF-medal winning beer (and many other great ones) inside Bank of America stadium is a beautiful thing.
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