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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by jtmiller03, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. jtmiller03

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    Is there a decent restaurant/bar at IAH to grab some good local craft beer during a layover?
  2. Danielbt

    Danielbt Savant (380) Texas May 4, 2012

    No. The Fox Sports Sky Box had a St. Arnold tap, but that's about it.
  3. FlyingKelly

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    IAH is a wasteland for good craft beer. Fox Sports, as mentioned, might be the best option. They have a few bottles of Texas craft as well as occasionally having Saint Arnolds on tap, but other than that you're pretty much out of luck.
  4. For the record, 3rd Bar Oyster & Eating House is now open at the end of Terminal B, and they have a decent (for an airport at least) selection of mostly TX craft taps and bottles.
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  5. There is a relatively new bar in Terminal C called "the local @ IAC". They have 9 taps with some local Texas crafts brews. Worth checking out if you have the time. Also, 3rd Bar Oyster & Eating House has a decent selection Iike the user before me mentioned.
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  6. LARooster

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    The Local in C has a good local selection (5 or 6 mostly in can it bottle).
    Rye Bar in C has a good local selection (similar to The Local).
    Pappadeaux upstairs near E5 had Karbach's Sympathy for the Lager on tap. Otherwise it's a decent selection of craft beer (SA Cold Snap, Lagunitas IPA also on tap. Left Hand Stout and Curious Traveler Shandy in bottle).
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