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Beer Bottles for the Taking (Austin)

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by sirnoze, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. My job takes me all over the map. I bring back beers we can't get in Texas. And after enjoying the beers, I save the empty bottles. Why? I dunno. Just do.

    Expect close to 500 empty bottles of special beers, many of which you can't get in Texas. These bottles are all for the taking. Box after box after box.

    Beer Mail me and we'll setup a pick-up time. I live in SW Austin.

  2. WinWScott

    WinWScott Initiate (15) Aug 21, 2012

    hey john. do you by chance have the bottle caps along with the bottles?
  3. Nope... no caps, just bottle after bottle of exquisite beers from mainly outside of Texas. Work keeps me traveling and bubble wrap keeps beers safe in my luggage back to Texas. I have probably 600+ bottles that will hit the recycle bin soon. A guy came by and picked up 70+ corked bottles and left many more corked bottles.
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