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Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Tomlin091744, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Tomlin091744

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    So, i am giving my first beer class today, to my staff. Going to cover the beer basics, brewing, styles, vocab, abv, and such. Would appreciate any advice from the BA's out there.
  2. starkmarvelo

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    If you're a store manager, have them all get a BA account.
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  3. tx_beer_man

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    Start with Session Beers then go to stronger beers. Distinguish Imperial from not as the imperials focus in on a taste in the beer and bring it forward with power. Distinguish English IPA from American IPA, East and West Coast IPA's. Also distinguish porters from stouts, as well as the imperial russian v american. Also distinguish Barrel Aged from non. Also highlight limited releases and that craft beer lovers go after those the most! Wish you the best.
  4. ShameAndFailure

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    What store type? Customer base? What areas do you find lacking in their knowledge compared to what you believe they should have? Are those gaps really what they need to know? Specify your training objectives and measure progress.
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  6. Tomlin091744

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    Just took the CBS for Cicerone. Working on my certified cicerone currently. This is going to be a basic beer class to help them serve better beer, communicate with guests, and improve their knowledge. This is the first class ive ever done, so im trying to make sure i cover all my bases. This class is for bartenders and cocktail servers, anything yall would like me to cover?
  7. pwsoldier

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    I think basic knowledge of beer styles and their respective characteristics is the most important thing. Make sure they have a chance to sample the products they'll be selling and help them understand the factors that go into creating the flavors they're detecting (flavor characteristics of hops, yeast, malt).
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  8. champ103

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    Definitely cover the basic styles, differences between lagers and ales. Just general stuff, unless you are the Hay Merchant, Saucer, or Petrol the bartenders don't need to know every single thing. Though knowing the difference between pales, IPA, hefe, and pilz goes a long way. Also knowledge of any Texas breweries you have available. Like location, and have them be able to make recommendations to the uninformed costumers at the bar. From your profile, I assume this is for Little Woodrow's?
  9. ShameAndFailure

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    This. Keep it targeted to your needs. Focus on major differences between styles and don't forget other things such as how to properly poor, the importance of an updated (and correct) beer listing, and how to lead craft options without coming off as pushy. Those things and a customer focused attitude goes a long way even without the detailed beer knowledge.

    I would also recommend as few basics on food/beer parings if you serve food to help drive sales.
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