Beer in Checked Bags

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    I've transported bottles in my checked luggage dozens of times. This past Saturday I was flying from Birmingham to Tampa and had 8 750 ml bottles and 2 22oz bombers in a standard wine bottle box. I was planning to just check the box as-is, I've done it plenty of times and haven't had any problems. The agent at the Southwest desk asked me what was in the box, it was pretty obvious that is was wine. Before I even answered she told me to open it up and handed me a pair scissors to cut the tape. I told her it was beer, she asked if I had packed it correctly, and proceeded to refuse to check it for me because the bottles weren't individually wrapped in a sealed bag. I asked her if I could put them in my suitcases (I had two, was just lazy and didn't pack them in there ahead of time), and she said no, not unless they were properly wrapped. They had a 'wine bottle bagger' thing that was out of order, so that didn't help. So basically, she refused to check them for me. This was at about 10:45am, my flight was at 12:40, and I had $150 worth of beer at risk. So I acted quickly, went and got a cheap rental car, managed to find a Wal-Mart close by to get a box bubble wrap. I get out to parking lot to pack the box, and realized I didn't have any tape in my briefcase, so I ran into Office Depot thinking it would be quicker than going back into Wal-Mart. I then rushed to wrap the bottles and pack the box, using dirty clothes as filler/padding. By this time it was 11:30, still had to find a UPS Store or FedEx to ship... I found a UPS Store on my iPad, tried to find it and it directed me to a residential area. By this point it's about 11:40, and I'm running out of time. I start to head back towards airport and by chance see the UPS store. So I go in, and of course got the slowest UPS clerk of all time. Finally got out of there about 11:55, and high-tail it back to the airport, drop off my car, and then realized I had lost my boarding pass. Shit. Get a new one, make it through security at 12:15, just in the nick of time to get on my flight as it was boarding. that was the most stressful morning I think I've ever had, thank goodness it was in Birmingham.
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    I've only done it once, but it was no problem. Beer bottle into clean sock, sock wrapped by t-shirt, t-shirt wrapped by Navy issue rain coat. That bottle of Alpha King tasted pretty damn good in Dallas.
  3. Having flown medical aircrew for the USAF for 11 yrs, I have brought enough beer back to last a lifetime (like that was going to happen). We would stick racks of beer from Germany in a big green box called a CONEX box and never had a bottle break. When I would fly commercial back, I would wrap them up in dirty laundry along with the glasses for each beer (got my Leffe, Grimbergen, Kostrizer, several wheat beer glasses and a ceramic replica of a steel pot helmet from a local Bastogne brewer for the 60th anniversary of the battle of the bulge) and I never had one break or get stolen.