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Beer in Omaha, NE

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by BeersAndBears, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I recently moved to Omaha, NE and was wondering if anyone knew of any good specialty beer shops. Also, are there any good local brews around here? I moved from Atlanta, so any advice on Midwest or West Coast beers that get distribution in Nebraska and not the East would be appreciated as well. Thanks guys.
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  2. I moved from Omaha in 2009, so this may be dated...Beertopia on Farnam has an excellent selection (as well the Crescent Moon next door). I also liked Cornhusker Beverage near 84th and L as well as the Hy-Vee on 84th and Cass.

    As far as local beers, Lucky Bucket Brewing in La Vista had just started before I moved with their pre-prohibition lager (it's okay), but I see their lineup has significantly increased. There's also Nebraska Brewing in Papillion and Empyrean Brewing down in Lincoln.
  3. Thanks! I live off 84th so those suggestions are perfect
  4. Brix out at villiage point has the best selection of any place in omaha. I believe it is something like 800 different beers from all over the world.

    Hy-vee anywhere but one thing about hyvee is the selection is different at each one. the best I have been to are 156th and Maple and 144th and Stonybrook

    Also if you like a lot of different tap beers sometimes special releases Lauter Tun by Oakview Mall has a great selection and I second the cresent Moon and beertopia comments as they are also great places to discover new and local beers
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  5. What happened, you lost a bet?
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  6. Hey man careful...
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  7. COBeerBuff

    COBeerBuff Savant (345) Kansas Jan 4, 2009

    This! Brix was recommended to us when we stopped through this fall, and it's hands-down, the best bet for craft beer in Omaha.
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  8. bditty187

    bditty187 Champion (780) Nebraska Jul 10, 2002

    Don't forget Hy-Vee on Madison Ave in Council Bluffs... 20 min from where you live, right off the interstate, and we have Bells, Founders, Stone, Fort Collins and a few other not found in Omaha. Cheers!
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  9. Stouttyme

    Stouttyme Savant (290) Nebraska Nov 17, 2011

    Hyvee Stonybrook and the Hyvee bditty187 mentioned in CB are the places I go. Cornhuskers doesn't have much of a selection in comparison to the other places mentioned.
  10. Bells, Founders, and Stone?? We have a winner! Those are my holy trinity! Thank you sir!
  11. bditty187

    bditty187 Champion (780) Nebraska Jul 10, 2002

    We don't get the "fun" Founders beers, just the core lineup but we do get the "fun" Bells and Stone!
  12. CowsandBeer

    CowsandBeer Savant (390) Nebraska Sep 24, 2012

    I really enjoy going to the Lauter Tun. They're having a Goose Island tap take over in February.

    "Goose Island Tap Invasion
    Monday 2/18 6:00pm-10:00pm
    This is not just a tape takeover, this is an INVASION! We plan on getting 16+ taps from Goose Island including (but not limited to): Bourbon County, Bourbon County Coffee (Yes on tap!), Pere Jacques, Pepe Nero, Sophie, Matilda, Minx Belgian IPA, possibly Fleur and many many more! We are generally closed Monday but we are going to open up for a few hours just for this event. Get a few glasses worth or buy a sampler of ALL the GI beers we have to offer (fairly small samples of course). AND, I am doing my best to get a brewer to Skype in with us during the event. Though I am slightly biased, this is the one event I am looking forward to the most. See you there!"
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  13. Great info guys. Thank you.
  14. dbossman

    dbossman Savant (430) Nebraska Apr 27, 2009

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  15. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Savant (280) Nebraska May 25, 2005

    i'm with dbossman, brix isn't that great anymore

    def prefer beertopia
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  16. bditty187

    bditty187 Champion (780) Nebraska Jul 10, 2002

    Lol, thats because I don't run the beer department anymore.... ;-)
  17. Beertopia has warm beer though and sometimes beer that has been sitting for a while. Brix has a huge selection the only problem is brix has a bunch of yuppie dbags all over so just stay to the retail side and you will be fine
  18. Brix has beer on the floor as well.
  19. TomClem

    TomClem Savant (290) Nebraska Mar 7, 2012

    Mike go to seekabrew.com and compare NE to GA distribution. It should highlight some things to look for. let us know if you have more specific questions as well!
  20. Just got back from the Hyvee on Madison in Council Bluffs. GREAT haul. Ruination x4, Bourbon County Stout x4, Oaked Arrogant x4, and Bell's Expedition x6. Thanks again for the heads up!
  21. No Sublimely Self Righteous?
  22. Haven't tried Sublimely. What would you compare it to?
  23. Not sure what I would compare it to, and I haven't had 1 in about 4 months. If memory serves me correctly, it doesn't have as malty of a backbone as O'dell Mountain Standard, and is therefore more bitter. It is probably closer to Wookey Jack, which was one of my favorites of 2012. Either way, those are 3 top tier Black IPAs, IMO.
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  24. Anything significant on tap in Omaha right now? If so, what and where? Thanks.
  25. dbossman

    dbossman Savant (430) Nebraska Apr 27, 2009

    [ quote="MikeCasey, post: 837182, member: 710543"]Anything significant on tap in Omaha right now? If so, what and where? Thanks.[/quote]
    I think most places are saving their crazy stuff for Omaha beer week in a month (lauter tun will have bcbcs and bcbs tap) but Crescent Moon, Jake's, Krug Park, and Lauter Tun always have great stuff on tap. I would go check out any of those places--especially if you haven't been to any of them yet. And a few other places have good stuff (omaha tap room, blatt beer and table, library pub, and brass monkey come to mind).
  26. Depends what your definition is. By my own, I would say "no". However, there are a lot of great beers on tap at the bars being mentioned.
  27. Major finds today in Omaha. Bourbon County Coffee and BA Old Ras. Boom.
  28. millertime416

    millertime416 Savant (270) Iowa Feb 14, 2009


    Didn't see this one mentioned but I used to live in omaha, and Cubby's in the old market is a good place to look when all the major bottle shops (Brix, Beertopia, Hy-vee's, etc.) have sold out. Drove thourgh omaha last weekend, stopped by Cubby's and they still had about 12-15 bottles of BCBS Coffee sitting right out front (I did leave with 4 of them though).
  29. Ristaccia

    Ristaccia Savant (430) Nebraska Nov 21, 2012

    Also curious. I managed to miss our shipment of BCBCS and am still looking to pick up a bomber.
  30. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Savant (280) Nebraska May 25, 2005

    is bcbs still plentiful in omaha? cant believe how much is readily available in lincoln

    i keep hoping that one of these days im going to see sixers of lagunitas sucks on shelves here (or any of their beers in six packs) but it does not look like it will be soon.
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  31. I actually got the Coffee at Beertopia believe it or not. This was yesterday. Cubby's doesn't have any left, but they still have a couple 4 pks of BCBS in stock. I can't wait for the Lagunitas Sucks to find its way over here. Keep hearing how good it is this year.
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  32. I miss Omaha...Does the Moon still have pint night every Tuesday?
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  33. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (545) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    Yes, they do RKPStogie.

    Yeah, we currently have both BCBCS and BA Rasputin (14 and 15, at least I don't think the 14 has all sold through) at Beertopia.

    Poopinmybutt, BCBS has been gone from our store for a while but I imagine some of the lesser traveled Hyvee's still have it. Also, plenty still in Council Bluffs.

    Edit: I keep hearing that Lagunitas sixers are supposed to happen in Feb. not holding my breath though. Brought back a few sixers of Sucks from a recent Ft. Collins trip...the stuff of legends :)
  34. Ristaccia

    Ristaccia Savant (430) Nebraska Nov 21, 2012

    Cubby's had about 3 BCBCS left as of 2 hours ago (hadn't gone out on the shelves yet), along with ~3-4 4-packs of normal BCBS. I think the Peony Park Hy-Vee still has 4-6 4-packs of BCBS as well (no Coffee though).
  35. Anyone know of any other bottle shops in town that still have Coffee?
  36. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (545) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    New brix maybe. Just a complete guess, but they just opened so who knows. Haven't made it in there myself yet.
  37. Madison Hy-vee had a decent amount of Expedition and BCBS on the shelf as of last Tuesday. Plus they have a lot of Johnson Bros. stuff that is worth the trip.
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  38. Ristaccia

    Ristaccia Savant (430) Nebraska Nov 21, 2012

    I didn't see any at the Midtown Brix yesterday.
  39. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (545) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    Shelton ;-)
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  40. Yeah... I know. My mistake.