Beer Meister, anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Jason, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Jason

    Jason Founder (1,415) Massachusetts Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified Subscriber

    Just received ours today. Dual tap as well. Looking fwd to hooking this baby up next week.

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  2. billandsuz

    billandsuz Savant (450) New York Sep 1, 2004

    congrats. your beer drinking just increased by an order of magnitude. poor poor liver.

    does this mean that the Bros. will be posting "help, my kegerator pours nothing but foam" threads?
    our collective advice, search the forums. you can learn alot at this site.
  3. DougC123

    DougC123 Savant (440) Connecticut Aug 21, 2012 Verified Subscriber

    Why wait, next week seems so far away. If it is the commercial unit there won't be many posts about foam related to the unit. It has a tower cooler and fan.
  4. lionking

    lionking Savant (320) Pennsylvania Nov 25, 2006

    I remeber the commercials from the 70s. Looks like a True I bought a Haier about 7 yrs ago.