Beer prices in NY.

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  1. Ok, I'm from LBNY and I'd say almost every beer distributor within a 20 mile radius has their beers way overpriced. for example i went into my local bottle shop and they have a 4 pack of Founders Breakfast stout for sale at $15.50!! and i most recently bought a sixer of SN Rurhless Rye for almost $13.00! Only in New York, I guess? anyone else in the NY area have the same problem?
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    4-pack of FBS for $15.50 isn't nearly as bad as SN Ruthless Rye for $13.00... This problem is not exclusive to NY.
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  3. I also forgot to mention I paid $26.00 for bourbon county cherry rye. this really questions my love for beer.and i LOVE beer! lol
  4. What's your point? Most stores around Chicago were $23+ and that's if you were lucky enough to find one! Probably sitting on shelves in NY huh?
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  5. Beer has gone up fairly significantly around Chicago as well. Breweries raise their prices, distributors and beer stores and so we pay more. I think Hebrew 16 was $3 more a bottle than 15 was!
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    Cherry rye didn't even make it to shelves @ most stores...and most of it was gone w/in 24 hours of an availability announcement!

    was Hebrew 15 a 15 %abv beer?
  7. Yes and 16 a 16% beer. Weren't from $6 to $9 I think.
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    Yeah that's a pretty staggering jump. I was thinking if there was a huge difference in the %abvs that might explain it...
  9. yup, still sitting on shelves but probably not for much longer. i was just stating that NY has ridiculous beer prices. that was my point...
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    When I visit Buffalo the prices are better than Pittsburgh. I got Great Lakes Christmas for 11, Sierra Nevada offerings for 8, and Flower Power for 12. In Pittsburgh they're all about 2 dollars more.
  11. It's everywhere anymore unfortunately? I remember a few years ago when I thought bombers over $10 was crazy. Now they all ate (for the most part). :(
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    The biggest issue in NYC is not that beer is generally priced higher than other areas - it's that it's generally priced slightly higher than other areas in best case scenarios. That said, the massive range puts decently-overpriced at the cheap end of things and ridiculously-overpriced at the high end. There is no single place in the area where I've ever seen a particularly good deal on any beer at any price - I just hope to find some place that generally offers prices that are around what I'd pay in the midwest.

    If you get near a Whole Foods, though, they've been selling FBS for $9.99/4pack. WF Columbus Circle also as BCBS for $25.99.
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    But there not .....that's the price.
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    The city? Hahahaha yea and a hamburger at TGIF is $25
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    I'm in the No. Westchester/Putnam area and what bothers me more than the higher prices in the area is the range of pricing. I have purchased Lagunitas Sucks at $12.99 and $10.99 at two stores that are 20 miles apart. I have also picked up Celebration for $14.99 a 12 pk. and seen it as high as $17.99 a 12 pk. Fortunately, I'm close to CT and a couple of stores in the Danbury area where prices on most beers are lower. It pays to shop around and keep on top of price changes.
  16. 1Sundown2C

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    With every store you need to know your pricing. I've been to Monarch in LB where 21st Amendment's Hop Crisis is $18+ and $11.99 at McBreen's in Lynbrook. Then again McBreen's has some beers for $2-$3 more a sixer than Monarch, so it's just a matter of knowing what the beer should cost.
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    As far as Sucks goes, at least last year it was priced along with Imperial Red/Maximus and not with the IPA/Pale/Censored/Daytime so it's possible the retailer didn't realize which tier it was.
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    ^ This 100%...I've been living in LI for a little over 3 years now and there is no rhyme or reason to pricing. A&R in Seaford will have some bottles that are $2 cheaper than Bellmore and others that are $2 more expensive. Bellmore will have a six pack $2 cheaper than any place in the area but a bomber that is $3 more than at a Whole Foods in Manhattan. You just have to get a feel for pricing and, unfortunately sometimes, through trial and error figure out who has what for the best price. I lived in Brooklyn for the first 27 years of my life and every store bangs you over the head there, so at least you have some options in LI.
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    I presume you believe it was underpriced at $10.99 but I have seen it elsewhere in the area for the $10.99 price. I didn't add that the $12.99 price place keeps all of their beer on display chilled. It really isn't an issue for a new release but it does help if you're looking for something special or a favorite you want to revisit.
  20. danamal85

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    Well IF it is the same cost as last year at 10.99 would be >15% so, I would say under-priced. It's possible that is was moved it to the lower price tier but, unlikely. Either way 10.99 is a very good price for the beer.
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    Talk to Mike about that one.
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  22. yes, you are absolutely correct. iam definetly learning where ALL of the beer stores are around LB.
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    It's beneficial and fun to check out different distros. Sometimes I'll drive to a different town just to check out what they have. I have to admit lately I've been sticking to McBreen's because they have the fresh stuff and an immaculate growler station which I don't mind paying a few bucks extra for.
  24. ya, i check mcbreens out as well as county-wide. sometimes ill go as far as syosset. i guess i just have to accept that LI is expensive but thank god its not as bad as NYC:rolleyes:
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    Yeah we pay a premium but we also make more than they do in Muenster, IN I bet! Haha yeah Syosset is cool for singles and if I know I want at least two or three sixers I'll hike out to Hicksville, they're usually $1.50-$2.00 cheaper a six than the theives by us.
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