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Beer spots in Victoria, BC

Discussion in 'Canada' started by TheSevenDuffs, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. I am heading to Victoria in a week for a few days for work. I will be right downtown and have plenty of time to kill (aka time to drink beer). I've looked throught the BA listings and the RB listings for Victoria and it seems pretty average, especially considering what Vancouver has to offer.

    Are there any can't miss places?
    Any beer bars with good rotating taps?
    Any beer bars with great bottle lists?
    Any can't miss bottle shops?

    I won't have a car so I will be resigned to the downtown area and whatever is within a short cab ride of downtown.
  2. Don't forget about Cans! :)
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  3. The bottle shop by the Sticky Wicket is the highlight, Spinnakers is a nice place for lunch and OK beer, but overall unfortunately there isn't much, especially when you consider Driftwood, Lighthouse and Phillips are all lurking around somewhere real close.
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  4. Best Bets Brewpubs - Spinnakers , Swans , Moon Under Water , Canoe
    Best Bets Brewery Growlers - Driftwood(Fat Tug) , Phillips , Hoyne
    Best Bottle Shops - Hillside(N Dairy & Shelbourne) , Spinnakers (Vic West) , Cascadia (Quadra)
    Best Bar - Strathcona Hotel 'Sticky Wicket' is currently being renovated , the pricey bottle shop is open
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  5. +1 on the recommendations for the beer store by the Sticky Wicket (The Strath) and the Hillside Liquor Store; Cook St. Village Liquor is also first-rate.

    For a place to enjoy a few pints, I'd recommend going to the Garrick's Head - last time I was there they had lots of good local options (Driftwood etc.) on tap and good, unpretentious atmosphere. The Beagle Pub in Cook St. Village is a pretty good neighbourhood pub - surprisingly good beer list and occasional casks. Don't bother with the Irish Times or the Bard & Banker.
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  6. Garricks Head just reopened, they have one of the best tap lists in the city. Definitely worth checking out. I don't think the Strathcona Liquor store is too far out of line price wise, but I would also suggest Cook Street Liquors in Cook Street Village, possibly the best selection in the city.
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  7. Moon under water is good too ..
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  8. The Strath liquor is better priced than Spinnakers and Cascadia and has a comparable selection.

    Also, Lighthouse does growlers now. One line will preview the upcoming/current bomber release, and one line will be experimental stuff.