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Beer Ticking Documentary

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by xensure, May 15, 2012.

  1. Never realized this is a thing. I use Untappd I guess to track Ticks. I hate when people go to Beer Fests and check in to two ounce pours, but then I ask myself, why do I care. Sadly only at about 630 in the last year or so...
  2. I'm with the half pint to count a tick. I'm young and from the states....perhaps I'm old school, but anything less than that doesn't seem like a proper sample.
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  3. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Champion (860) California Jan 31, 2005

    Yeah!! Thanks for getting this on my radar!
  4. Going to check out this documentary.

    I tick (2212 so far) & enjoy doing so. Heard a lot of people from the anti-ticking crowd claiming that tickers are incapable out of getting enjoyment from what they do & that they cannot enjoy beer. Don’t really get the people who complain about it because who cares frankly? Saying that it is disrespectful to brewers is hilarious especially considering how many breweries obviously cater to tickers & make their money from that. For example De Molen.

    Remember doing only ½ pint ticks in England – that was brutal. I like smaller samples. Except lambic’s – I don’t really tick lambic’s anymore – I did most of them so far & I enjoy drinking the crap out of them. Preferably in 75 cl. Also Rochefort & Orval.
  5. You mean nerds will obsess over their hobby? Who knew?!
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  6. I found a lot of the things done in this video highly unappealing. Drinking less of a beer so you can try more??? Putting leftover beer in plastic water bottles ( seriously unappealing to a presentation snob like myself and I can't help but wonder what this does to a beer that is already oxidizing from the way it was served), never drinking any other beverage in order to tick?? yikes! Also most of the people in this video appeared to be in poor health. I don't think you need to ruin your body to properly enjoy beer. Personally I could care less if I tried every beer out there.. I enjoy being fit!
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  7. Says the person drinking Duvel out of a bottle in their avatar.
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  8. I'm holding the bottle. Not drinking from it ;)!

  9. The plastic water bottle thing appears to be completely unique to the first generation / very old school UK tickers. Never seen beer tickers do this elsewhere. I do know some who recap beer & than share or trade the remainder, next day, never more than 1 day latter. That is how I got BA Church on a Hill yesterday.
  10. Got to love the dedication of some of those tickers. On top of their encyclopaedic knowledge of brewers output there is also the arcane art of travelling between disparate beer festivals and tickers' pubs via rail and coach for as little cost as possible. Spending literally days and nights on end without seeing your bed or good home cooking can take it out you. There are a couple of local blokes who are dedicated tickers, one had a beer brewed for one of his milestone ticks 10,000 I think.