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    Update (Applies to All Users):
    In order to access BeerAdvocate's Beer Trading Forums and the Beer Trading Feedback System, you must agree that you've read the rules via the main Trading page.
    1. Go here:
    2. Do you agree to the rules?
    3. If yes, you'll be redirected here; at which time we recommend giving the rules another read.

    • As always, our Terms of Service applies.
    • You trade at your own risk.
    • Beer trading is a privilege that may be taken away.
    • You may be banned without warning for:
      • Buying or selling alcohol.
      • Trolling or dishonest activity.
      • Having multiple accounts.
      • Posting personal information.
      • Abusing the Beer Trading Feedback System. Examples:
        • Giving retaliatory feedback.
        • Basing your okay/negative feedback on the lack of extras; unless extras were part of the agreed upon trade.
        • Leaving fake feedback.
    • Trade posts may only be made in an ISO (in search of) : FT (for trade) forum.
    • Trades must be beer for beer. No other goods or services; like tickets, booze, mules/proxies/trustees.
    • No open-ended, vague, or auction-like offers; example: "Make me an offer."
    • No betting.
    • No linking to lists on another site.
    • No "message sent" or "check your messages" style posts.
    • No "what's the value of beer x?", "what would it take to get beer x?", "what can I get for beer x?" or similar threads.
    • No bumping. No cross-posting (making the same offer in multiple forums). No reposting the same or similar post within a 72 hour period.
    • Don't threadjack. Start your own ISO:FT thread.
    • Don't reply with "Like" or "+1" or similar.
    • Don't be a dick.
    • Use the Beer Trading Feedback System!
    • Demand that new users ship first and that they use the feedback system.
    • Be as specific as possible with the title of your post; ISO beer(s) FT: beer(s).
    • If you reply to an ISO:FT publicly, please make it helpful.
    Helpful Links:
    • Likes are disabled for the ISO:FT forums.
    • Posts in all Beer Trading forums will not appear in "New Posts" feed.

    • BeerAdvocate is not responsible for the actions of its users.
    • These rules may be changed at any time without notice.
    • If you do not agree with these rules, please do not trade.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.