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Beers For Christmas

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Brianhophead, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. pdbader

    pdbader Aficionado (100) North Carolina Oct 24, 2012 Beer Trader

    I haven't had the regular frosted frog so I am not sure. It would be interesting to taste them side by side. $15 is quite a bit but I am always impressed with their barrel aged beers.... Despite the terrible name and awful logos haha this one was fantastic in my book. Only other ones is say beat it are Highland Cold Mountain or Mikkeller Santa little helper but they aren't barrel aged.
  2. incutrav

    incutrav Savant (315) Minnesota Jan 16, 2007

    My answer to this, and most other beer related questions this time of year is always the same. Celebration.
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  3. Will be splitting the following with my Uncle this year for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day:

    Corsendonk Christmas Ale
    Hill Farmstead Twilight of the Idols
    Heady Topper
    CCB Moat Water
    La Fin du Monde Unibroue
    NEBC Premeditated Murder
    and I am sure a couple of SN Celebrations and Anchor Christmas Ales because its tradition.
  4. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (445) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    That should be a Zales commercial for men, but instead of a diamond, BEER!
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  5. djaeon

    djaeon Champion (755) California Oct 2, 2006

    That would be awesome. Didn't even think about that option at the time. Hmmm...
  6. FreshHawk

    FreshHawk Advocate (565) Illinois Nov 24, 2009 Beer Trader

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  7. Recently married here and enjoying the fact that recently my wife is digging imperial stouts, barleywines, & old ales.

    Now I just need her to say "go nuts" in a bottle shop.
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  8. My wife just thinks I am NUTS !!!
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    HYPNOTOAD Aspirant (25) Dec 10, 2012

    I will be drinking Celebration from Sierra Nevada. Because, well, you know.... its in the name.
  10. Celebration, Anchor Xmas,

    Is Alaska Brewing available in Alberta?
  11. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    I'm *finally* going to drink my bottle of Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's and also the Whale's Blood, both thanks to robinsmv! And yeah, I'll post pics.
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  12. ThatCracker

    ThatCracker Savant (405) Virginia Nov 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    Just got some Wake N Bake....Now on the XMas list...
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  13. raczkowski

    raczkowski Savant (440) Florida May 16, 2011 Beer Trader

    i texted my brother tonight to see what he wanted to pop open on Xmas day as i am hosting the dinner....he responds with "i quit drinking." ironic thing was i traded a shitton of good beers for a bottle of CBS to give tohm as a christmas gift...now he will not even be home for Christmas (will be traveling). either way, i plan on popping some pretty tasty beers for myself...probably a corsendonk xmas ale (vintage 2011), hoppin frog xmas ale (2011...drank one of these two weeks ago and the taste is still strong...very good)...then probably get into a couple BA stouts after dinner while everyone is drinking coffee (maybe some fresh wake n bake if it ever arrives!!).
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  14. ThatCracker

    ThatCracker Savant (405) Virginia Nov 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    We got the Wake N Bake yesterday - it hit my x-mas list. Enjoy the CBS too LOL
  15. RandyV

    RandyV Savant (275) Arizona Aug 8, 2010

    I love it when you speak French!
  16. BILF

    BILF Advocate (725) Israel Jan 9, 2010

    O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale 500mL X 2
    Fuller's ESB 330mL X 3
    Fuller's IPA 500mL x 2
    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 330mL x 1
    Chimay Blue 750mL x 1
    Christmas Ale 750mL x 1
    Tokyo Nights (Homebrewed American Pale Ale dry hopped with Citra) 750ml x 1
    Lunchtime Session Ale ( Home brewed English Ordinary Bitter) 500mL x 2
  17. Agreed, picking up a case this weekend. Tis the season.
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  18. Devildog0802

    Devildog0802 Initiate (20) Dec 21, 2012

    St Bernardus Christmas Ale http://www.flickr.com/photos/81031766@N03/8282948620/
  19. bird22

    bird22 Savant (470) California Jan 2, 2011 Beer Trader

    My lineup so far...

    Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux
    De Struise Tsjeeses x 2
    Three Floyds Alpha Klaus
    2009 Goose Island Christmas Ale
    St. Bernadus Abt 12
    Westy 12

    I've got a couple nice packages showing up tomorrow and Monday though, so things could definitely change.
  20. fuzzbalz

    fuzzbalz Advocate (510) Georgia Apr 13, 2002 Beer Trader

    Just picked up a case of Celebration for 28 bucks, the fridge looks mighty festive now.
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  21. JRBecks

    JRBecks Savant (425) Illinois Apr 3, 2012

    I would recommend "5 Golden Rings" and a 6er of SN Celebration :)
  22. Oh, so many choices. So few hours in the season. No, no. That's quitter talk. Maybe I should see just how many of these brews I can try.
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  23. Finalized the xmas eve line up tonight:

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  24. mtalley999

    mtalley999 Savant (415) Maryland Oct 6, 2011

    My plan is for a BCS on Christmas Eve as I finish putting together my son toys. Probably some champagne on Christmas morning with the wife to go with breakfast, then who knows that night when we get home from visiting relatives.
  25. jrman1386

    jrman1386 Savant (290) Illinois Oct 22, 2011 Beer Trader

    Just pick up a twilight of the idols, and birth of tragedy.
  26. Having an early celebration with some family tomorrow. This is what I'm thinking so far:

    Stone Special Holiday Ale
    (07?) St Bernardus Christmas Ale
    Beachwood Tovarish
    03 Stone Old Guardian
    05 Aventinus Eisbock
    08 Abyss or Eclipse EC12 if I'm feeling generous
  27. ditka311

    ditka311 Aficionado (235) Illinois Aug 22, 2009

    Was gonna be Alpha Klaus but I couldn't help myself.....

    Will settle for a 2011 BCCS I guess. And Celebration.
  28. tglind

    tglind Zealot (95) Illinois Aug 1, 2009

    Celebration, 8 days a week.
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  29. Lemke10

    Lemke10 Savant (405) Wisconsin Aug 20, 2010

    What better to do on X-mas than taste Santa's Butt?

    CORKSCREWFISH Savant (325) Illinois Apr 22, 2011

    Ahemm........Can't you just let a guy dream for a minute?
  31. Mealhouse

    Mealhouse Savant (420) Minnesota Feb 19, 2012 Beer Trader

    Hoping my wife keeps with the beer themed gifts after slowely but surly improving each year from... Mixed 6er and beer book to brewery swag to homebrew equipment.

    Perfect stocking stuffer would be a 4 pack of Abrasive and a gift card to the local brewery swag estabishment.
  32. heres where i am at so far...HF Arthur, Anna, and Susan.
    not a bad start :)
    plan to pick up some celebration and an avec les Bon vouex (OP - you should be able to find either relatively easyily) at the local bottle shop and see what I can add for the darker/stout end of the spectrum.
    oh and my brother will be ariving from southern Cali toting Pliny the elder and various other surprises.
    should be a good holiday.
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  33. We are doing a partial celebration tonight. My brother just shot me a text saying "bring your snifter" with a pic of a KBS, CW Barleywine, and BB4D. I will probably bring along a Big Bad Baptist and some BBPT5 myself.
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  34. cpjtr9559

    cpjtr9559 Initiate (0) New York Nov 30, 2007

    abyss or ivan the terrible
  35. Jonada

    Jonada Advocate (585) New Jersey May 23, 2012 Beer Trader

    Haven't decided exactly which one yet but it'll be one of these three.

    Cherry Rye BCBS
    3F Golden Blend
  36. Never dropped that much on a big bottle of beer. So many great local brewers in Bucks Co. PA area I feel it's not necessary.
    But if I did, I always wanted to try anything Chimay. Belgians do have a winter warming quality for sure.
  37. Hoptimus-Prime

    Hoptimus-Prime Advocate (575) North Carolina Dec 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    Firestone double jack or Sculpin imo! ( if you like IPAs)
  38. Porkhustle

    Porkhustle Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012

    Had Anchor's OSA last night. Man that was terrible. They blew it this year.
  39. oldedog

    oldedog Savant (310) Connecticut Oct 23, 2012

    Heady Topper i cant wait
  40. I have Corsendonk, St Bernardus Christmas Ale, and Delirium Noel saved for Christmas Eve and Christmas.
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