Beers you like, but everyone else doesn't like

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  1. This thread is a week old, but I'm throwing in my $0.02 anyway. My goto beer whenever the occassion involves any kind of sporting event, family event, fishing, yard work, or just hanging out with the guys at my Ole Man's machine shop is The Beer the made Milwaukee Famous. It's a crisp, refreshing beer, and in my opinion cannot be beaten on a hot summer day...and for some reason it doesn't leave me with a raunchy headache the next day. I suspect many of my more beer-snobby friends dislike Schlitz because it makes them feel morally superior to dislike it. I say this because most have never actually even tried it.
  2. I have had 4 Samael's in the year they were released and thoroughly enjoyed every one.
  3. Cool! I've had it within a year too and it's not bad, but for me the alcohol heat simply overpowers the flavor too much. It's amazing what time does for that beer. It changes its character dramatically.
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  4. Lienenkugels big eddy russian imperial stout
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    Corona Familiar!!!!
  6. I agree though that Avery's BA beers generally benefit from some age.
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    I truly believe Dundee's Nut Brown Ale is underrated.... not there with Sam Smith's Nut Brown or Smuttynose Old Dog, but, IMO, it's not that far away either.

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    Creme Brulee
    Well's Banana Bread
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    got another one:
    southern tier creme brulee. I will acknowledge that it is vaguely reminiscent of a cheap knockoff of bailey's. Fine. But, with my current beer float kick for dessert, I gotta say, it makes the tastiest beer float of them all.
  10. This one may be clouded by 20 years passage of time, but I thought Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer was tasty. It got a 45 here. I was underage at the time and mainly exposed to BMC varieties, so maybe it would taste differently today. I liked it back then.
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    Miller High Life. When superior craft brews aren't an option, this is my go-to. I can't explain it, but for my taste, this is far and away the best adjunct lager. No one I know really shares the same sentiment though.
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    I really like Long Trail's Blackbeary Wheat. It could be the experience and memories of drinking draft pints on the deck with my (future) wife but the cold, crisp and subtle blackberry hit the spot as a summer beer.
  13. New Hollands golden cap, for some reason I get a craving for it on tap every now and again and everyone I know can't stand it.
  14. You know, Porkslap really is not all that bad.

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    Malt liquor, I genuinely love malt liquor. So far have liked the majority of what I have tried, sans old english and colt 45, they were too bland and their ABV left something to be desired (more ABV)