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Beers you will never drink again

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by keithmurray, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. derftron

    derftron Savant (275) Oregon Feb 8, 2012

    Fat Tire - Just an empy tasteless beer.

    Southern Tier Creme Brulee - way too sweet

    Henrys blue boar

  2. Hunter

    Hunter Savant (280) Arizona Apr 19, 2004

  3. jimilayne

    jimilayne Aficionado (235) New York Aug 18, 2012

    Dogfish Head Raison D'Être. I hate to put Dogfish Head on this thread because I generally love their beers but this one was just flat out bad.
  4. Me too. Brought it to a party and no one liked it. Passed it around and dumped it. Like you say, if I tried it now (that I'm a little more experienced with real beer) I might like it. But I'm afraid to try. I remember it as horrible.
  5. this pretty much sum up how I feel, however my least favourite beers are dfh immortale, north coast pranqster, and gulden draak
  6. I want to try this and cave creek chili so bad haha
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  7. All yours! :)
  8. Rogue John John Hazelnut. I don't know if it was just too old but it was absolutely flavorless. I ended up pouring it out. I am just not a fan of Rogue beers. I am not saying they are a bad brewery just that I have tired several of their beers of my favorite styles and didn't like any of them.
  9. bebbcorp

    bebbcorp Aficionado (215) Kansas Mar 6, 2010

    Not even Schlafly Pumpkin?
  10. Trautwein09

    Trautwein09 Aficionado (110) Ohio Mar 25, 2013

    21st Amendment: Hell or High Watermellon... GROSS !!!!
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  11. Cubieblu

    Cubieblu Aficionado (125) Illinois May 29, 2013

    Bell's Amber Ale. The taste is okay but the aroma is off. It might just be me but it smells like baby puke to me.

    I have four left that I need to find a home for.
  12. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. It's an ok beer but with so many other good IIPA's I won't buy this again.
  13. sfsean28

    sfsean28 Savant (365) New Jersey Dec 17, 2008

    haven't had a Schlafly pumpkin but I heard some good things and also there was a limited supply in my area.
  14. Spike & Jérôme’s Cuvée Délirante - I literally gagged after the first sip. I'm sure these guys worked hard to produce this beverage and I don't mean to sleight the effort, but dang. Not for me.
  15. J_Dub

    J_Dub Savant (370) Texas Apr 22, 2013

    Alaskan smoked porter
    Dfh tweasonale
    SN hoptimum
    Stone double bastard
  16. NickMGlass

    NickMGlass Zealot (90) Vermont Jun 21, 2012

    ts funny how there is so much variety and that almost any beer that anyone says has it defended. with that being said i will gave any beer a second try minus Voodoo Maple Bacon Donut. I'm glad i had the experience, i'm glad i recorded in an unbiased and objective way in my beer log, but never again.
  17. mrcraft

    mrcraft Advocate (595) California Dec 15, 2012

    Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale. It left this lingering aftertaste for hours that I didn't like at all.
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  18. not gonna say never.......
    but Red Hook ESB isn't nearly as interesting as when I discovered it in the early 90's
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  19. TheKep

    TheKep Aficionado (105) Indiana Jul 2, 2013

    New Holland Envious. Had it on draft the other night, took two sips, ordered another beer. It was just awful.
  20. I have to say Boulevard's Chocolate Ale.

    I don't know if I got an infected bottle or what, but it tasted like beans (and not cocoa beans).
    I love Boulevard, but would never drop the cash on this again to find out if it was just a bad bottle.

    That and Troegs' Mad Elf. I know it gets good ratings around here, but good god that stuff is nasty!! Tastes like honey and cough syrup...
  21. Bud Light Chelada.
    Hells to the NO!
  22. Corona
    Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale
    Heineken Lager
  23. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
  24. bud light
    SA cranberry lambic
    the former might actually be better than the latter
  25. I second Saranac. Especially the Caramel Porter. Putrid stuff...
  26. Arrogant Bastard
    I have managed to finish everything I have tried but didn't care for except this.
    This shit went down the drain.
  27. Rainier

    Rainier Savant (270) California Dec 20, 2012

    Arrogant Bastard, bruery saison rue, maybe rochefort 10
  28. mrcraft

    mrcraft Advocate (595) California Dec 15, 2012

    Six Rivers Chili Pepper Ale. I think this one was too hot for me if I remember correctly.
  29. Amstel Light. More watery than, WATER. Such a pointless "beer". O'Doul's me all day over that tepid crap.

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