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Great Britain BeerX in Sheffield

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jazzyjeff13, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Stumbled across this the other day - a SIBA run beer fest that will be held in Sheffield next year. BeerX will take place on March 14-16 at the Ponds Forge Conference Centre, with a large number of breweries participating and a variety of dispense methods. In short - cool!

    More info here:
    http://c8236774.myzen.co.uk/ (yeah, not sure why the web address is so bizarre)

    Sounds like a pretty good event; should be plenty of choice available for any beer lover.

    Zimbo - time for another trip to Sheffield!
  2. Now that you mention it, by chance the Scottish posse might just be in Sheffield in around that timeframe to celebrate a 'significant birthday event' of one of our own. This has potential. Thanks jazzy.
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  3. I'd go but I think I'm pan-frying my testicles on that day
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  4. That sounds unnecessarily painful. Is that a vote of no-confidence?
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  5. I would very much welcome seeing some of you guys and a return trip to the Dada Bar.
    plus as good as Thornbridge's brews are in bottle the cask versions
    man I want to have a couple more of them.
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  6. Yum yum.
  7. CAMRA membership has fuck-all to do with SIBA.

    SIBA has fuck-all to do with good beer.

    As much as I enjoyed judging for them, it's turned into a braying now-then-I-know-best circlejerk of over-opinionated member brewers.

    Let me give you two examples, four years apart.

    Me, 2008, judging 'speciality' beers: "Is this meant to be cloudy?"

    SIBA: "We can't tell you"

    Friend of mine, professional brewer, 2012, judging 'speciality' beers: "What's the speciality?"

    SIBA: "It's brewed with lager malt"

    Brewer: "Well, all my beers are brewed with 'lager malt'. Does that make them special?"

    SIBA: "......."
  8. As a point of interest, IMHO Scoops vast beer knoweldege is often lost under his witty and playful internet persona. I pity the fool who underestimates his yeasty prowess.