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Belgian Strong Pale, Belgian Strong Dark, Tripels Quads and Dubbels:

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Derranged, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. luwak

    luwak Savant (405) Arizona Mar 2, 2010 Beer Trader


    everything else...

    with tripels way at the bottom
  2. ledzeppelin4

    ledzeppelin4 Savant (410) Illinois May 18, 2011

    1. Quad
    2. Tripel
    3. BSDA
    4. BSPA
    5. Dubbel
  3. CaptainTripps

    CaptainTripps Savant (315) Oregon Aug 8, 2010

    1. BSDA = Quad
    2. Tripel
    3. BSPA
    4. Dubbel
  4. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

    frankly it's a bit frustrating that the site still keeps some of these categories. being one of the most popular beer education resources should carry with it some modicum of responsibility. i've been encountering way too many people (and increasingly so) who honestly believe that there is a tangible stylistic difference between st bernadus abt 12 and gouden carolus cuvee van de kaizer blue. all because this site told them so. and i know this site is the reason, because early in my own beer education, i also took this site's info as gospel.
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  5. Specific beer style listings sometimes annoy me, they used to have Hoponius Union listed as a Dortmunder which it is nothing like at all obviously. As for the topic at hand:
    1. BSDA/Quad
    2. Dubbel(those who hate Dubbels need to drink more Rochefort 6)
    3. BSPA(though it can be hit or miss)
    4. Tripel
  6. Boilerfood

    Boilerfood Savant (445) Indiana Jun 5, 2012

  7. I celebrate them all equally.
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  8. MarioM

    MarioM Advocate (610) California Sep 13, 2009

  9. vickersspitfire

    vickersspitfire Advocate (550) Texas Dec 11, 2006 Subscriber

  10. fullmetal1381

    fullmetal1381 Savant (280) Florida Jul 30, 2011

    Tripel (Hate coriander in my beer)
  11. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

    not all tripels have coriander, and probably quite a few of examples of the other styles you prefer, do.
  12. bellce0

    bellce0 Savant (250) Georgia Feb 20, 2010

    Again, these styles often have some overlap, but my favorite is a Belgian Golden Ale.
  13. cyraschris

    cyraschris Aficionado (180) Florida Dec 15, 2012


    as far as bspa, haven't really tried too many so I can't weigh in on that. and then put almost every other variety of beer, then put lambics and saison/flanders red.
  14. Derranged

    Derranged Advocate (555) New York Mar 7, 2010

    They are similar but Quads are more fruity than BSDAs, at least from what I have tried.
  15. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

    try more ;)
  16. Trick question - Dubbels/Quads ARE BSDA's and Tripels/Golden Ales ARE BSPA's.
  17. I can't say that I agree with the unity of tripel/golden/BSPA I think there are plenty of examples that show that different styles exist. Tripel today is understood to be roughly in the vein of Westmalle, with a golden color and moderate hop balance to a dry and boozy finish.

    I think there exist strong pale ales on either side of the tripel range that are stylistically distinct from tripel. On the lighter side, you have strong golden ales (Duvel and the like) which are sometimes as low in alcohol as dubbels and have a very light body and delicate profile compared to many tripels. I think Stan Heironymous makes a good case for this break in Brew Like A Monk. On the other side, you have amber beers with more sweetness and malt flavor/fruitiness than tripels. These beers aren't dark ales but aren't tripels either. Some grand crus sand amber beers would fit this range, like Gouden Carolus Ambrio or De Dolle Stille Nacht. I just think triple (and strong golden ale for that matter) are very narrowly defined while there are plenty of other Belgian strong ales that are not dark that fit better in a looser category.

    BSDA is a pretty large range as well, but quad/abt beers don't share anything in common that plenty of other BSDAs don't share as well.
  18. icetrauma

    icetrauma Advocate (555) Texas Sep 7, 2004

    This plus, you can wipe the BPA and Trip's off the list
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  19. Tripel
  20. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (665) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Beer Trader

    could you clarify? not necessarily disagreeing, but curious. whatever the case, do you think that this site is correct to list chimay blue and st bernadus abt 12 as different styles?
  21. Reinbeck11

    Reinbeck11 Savant (465) Iowa Aug 15, 2012

    I give you more Cow Bell for this response.
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  22. Reagan1984

    Reagan1984 Advocate (720) Massachusetts May 15, 2008 Beer Trader


    Bang.... I agree with your (OP) order...exactly.
  23. chocosushi

    chocosushi Savant (460) Oklahoma May 1, 2011

  24. Just saying that despite a broad range within BSDA, beers called quadruple/abt don't all have any characteristics that the other beers don't have besides the name. And I do think that abt 12 and blue are the same style.
  25. cjoc83

    cjoc83 Advocate (515) Pennsylvania Jul 31, 2010 Beer Trader

    This is my exact list, and I also, now that I think about it, have definitely not tried enough Dubbels. There don't seem to be too many out there, doesn't really seem like a very popular style. I dig all the dark fruit and brown sugar and malts in BSDA's, though, so Dubbels (and a lot of Tripels even) just aren't my style. Give me a dark Belgian, or a wild ale.