Bells Black Note Sightings in Indy

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by cpsiddall, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. cpsiddall

    cpsiddall Aficionado (105) Indiana Jul 24, 2012

    I've heard that several places have gotten limited amounts but when I called or visited nobody seems to know anything. Have you spotted this or bought a 4 pack locally?
  2. denimdemon

    denimdemon Savant (480) Indiana Mar 8, 2009 Verified Subscriber

    Posted in the Indy sightings thread, but yeah: it showed up Friday. Crown downtown sold theirs yesterday, $6.99/per (limit 2). Kahns tweeted that all of their case(s?) would go to Beerocracy raffles. I happened in to my usual store (Payless on 96th) and The Hippie handed me two bottles...he didn't order the case and wasn't expecting it. Supposedly only top accounts got it. Friendly Package in Muncie got one case (2/per and it sold out in less than an hour), no other stores in Muncie did. Curious too at which other stores got it. I was happy I got two. Wasn't going to chase it around.
  3. cpsiddall

    cpsiddall Aficionado (105) Indiana Jul 24, 2012

    I work downtown, I went into Crown downtown twice on Friday (originally to get some hopslam) and then to get some black note and the guy working the counter said "they had some but it wasn't in the computers, and they wouldn't have them ready until Saturday." Which is entire bullshit... but I put on a happy face and said thanks, bought some beer so I wouldn't be "that guy" and went on my merry way. Came back Saturday morning at 10am (on my way to my brothers birthday party) and the store was opened, even tho it was posted online and the store front that they opened at 9. So i'm really glad to hear that their sold out and that their lackluster customer service and overall miss-communication with me cost me a chance at these. I wasn't even looking for them I just went in for some hopslam and they told me they would have some black note...

    I'll move on but its just a little irritating that I went out of my way because of this employee that wouldn't or couldn't do his job correctly...
  4. denimdemon

    denimdemon Savant (480) Indiana Mar 8, 2009 Verified Subscriber

    I have no idea if Crown sold out of the Black Note or not, just that they started selling it yesterday as per a text from a friend yesterday afternoon. Another friend went in last night and was still able to buy two. Sorry if it seemed I was inferring it was gone, all I meant was that it was confirmed they got it and had begun selling it.
  5. aasher

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    I was told only one case, despite the volume of Bells that we sell. No biggie, it's only Black Note.
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