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Bell's Black Note Stout in NC?

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by flipdog0, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Never knew they had "a list" :)
  2. City Bev still had a few bottles left this morning
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  3. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

  4. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    So, best guess is that no store in the state will sell a 4 pack. Those poor FL guys and their 1 case of Hopslam and 1 4 pack of Black Note limits. They don't know REAL #firstworldproblems!!
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  5. Last year when I lived in FL I ended up with a total of 1.5 cases, now I'll be lucky to get a 6'er.
  6. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    The last time I saw Hopslam on the floor with no limits was 2008. Usually 1/2 case limit at Sam's and 1 6 pack (or less) elsewhere in this area.
  7. There goes your cascade sipping excursion. And all other surprise brews I had lined up......Cheers!!! Ummm.....YEE HAW! :D
  8. best bet is just to develop a connection with another BA who lives near the brewery in Michigan... and one for every other badass brewery in the country for that matter :cool:
  9. MADPolo

    MADPolo Initiate (0) Alabama Dec 19, 2012

    That was the only way I recieved four bottles of Black Note, lol. I have a buddy in MI. I only drank one of those four bottles, but hey I had a chance to taste it.
  10. I hear ya man. I will have a hard time deciding what to do with my 4-pk from my guy in MI. Maybe I will figure something out by St. Patty's Day.
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  11. Handle

    Handle Savant (370) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

  12. Handle

    Handle Savant (370) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Maybe, I'm not sure.

    I'll be saving my money for KBS in April!
  13. They are around $6.50 ea
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  14. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    Event Horizon > Black Notes > KBS, and the first 2 are a lot closer than the 3rd. In my humble opinion, of course.

    That said, a bottle or 2 of Black Note would still be hard to resist if I came across it.
  15. We are freakin lucky to have EvHo in our backyard...KBS still beats it on mouthfeel IMO and BlackNote comes in 3rd but all three are great.
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  16. Handle

    Handle Savant (370) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    All great beers, just comes down to individual taste. I'd probably go KBS, Event Horizon and Black Note. To each their own!
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  17. I agree with Bluecane and wolfeman. I like KBS less the more I try other world class BA stouts. I think the great burnt chocolate and balanced bourbon smoothness of EH beats KBS. However, like Bluecane, I don't turn down other world class BA stouts.

    Of the notable world class BA stouts I've tried (not including variants):

    AB Huna > BT > BBPt5 > CBS > BCBS > BN > EH > Parabola > Black Betty > KBS

    Melange 3, Abyss, and FW Anniversaries would fit in there somewhere but they are not technically pure BA stouts.
  18. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    For me:

    RareR Dos = Bramble > AB Zhukov > BA Speedway > BT > CCB Cognac Sweet > Huna > BCBS Coffee > EH > Black Note > Uncle Jacob's > BCBS > CBS (admittedly an older bottle) > BBPt5 = 50/50 4 Roses > KBS > Cherry Rye > Parabola.

    I would happily buy all except maybe the last 3 (depending on price, of course).

    Damn, it's been a good 14 months since I started drinking craft haha.
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  19. w
    wow, Bramble really?? to each their own

    I forgot to put RareR DOS, BA Speedway, and Uncle Jacobs in there. I thought BA Speedway was a little overrated too. Uncle Jacobs was better the second and third time but still very boozy.
  20. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    I agree with you guys, AB Hunahpu may be the best beer I've ever had. Only thing close in my book is Matt. I detect an apple brandy theme here!
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  21. how about AB Cherry Saison from Olde Hickory / Busy Bee ???

    need some of that shit in my life
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  22. You will see me in there early :)
  23. Total Wine in North Hills, Raleigh got a case today. They have a one 4 pack per person limit and they're keeping it behind the counter.
  24. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    Yeah, Bramble is my jam. Forgot about AB Huna: blasphemy, I know, but I put it in between regular Huna and Coffee BCBS.
  25. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    No pun intended about Bramble hahaha.
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  26. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    OK, this pisses me off. As limited as this stuff was, the local shops didn't get taken care of but Total Wino did? Un-fucking-believable! And you just blew my theory that nobody in NC would sell 4 packs.
  27. Tell TW to "byte you".
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  28. If it makes you feel better total whine got the heisman on the 4 cases that Charlotte got..
  29. Bung

    Bung Advocate (635) Michigan Nov 5, 2007

    What makes me feel better is giving the Heisman to anything I have to beg for ;)
  30. ewright

    ewright Savant (440) North Carolina Oct 25, 2007

    Any more confirmed sightings in RTP market? One post re Total Wine N Hills and a rumor Sam's is sitting on a case. Is that it, or are there others? Did we get more? Only other TWs like CLT? Thread has gone eerily quiet.
  31. Haven't checked the Total Wine in Charlotte yet. I'll report back.
  32. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) New York Dec 30, 2011

    I was in at Sam's yesterday, and the guy I spoke with said he had no idea about when Black Note would be around.

    I called Durham Total Wine, and the lady seemed annoyed that North Hills TW got but Durham didn't. Bottom line, though, is that they don't have any at TW Durham.
  33. cdflem

    cdflem Zealot (95) North Carolina Aug 8, 2008

    Ditto on TW Briar Creek. They were surprised that north Raleigh got some, and also annoyed. It's long gone, i'm sure.
  34. i heard TW Charlotte didnt get any...(only 4 cases in charlotte, 2 to bottle shops, 2 to restaurants)
  35. I happened to be in the North Hills area yesterday when I checked this thread. Dropped in, asked if there was any Bells Black Note left, employee A asked employee B, Employee B said "bells note???", I reiterated "black note," and after looking around a bit they grabbed me the last 4 pack from behind the counter.

    Tight ship they run in North Hills. I'm going to spend a few extra bucks at Tasty Bev this weekend as penance.
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  36. How much was it?

    So from what I heard 4 cases in RTP - Sam's (sitting on it - Assume they will either sell it today with the bells tap takeover or raffle it off with KBS in a month or so), TW-NH (Sold Out), Busy Bee???, and????
  37. Well I probably know of one of the restaurants and that is Duckworth's. I'll hunt the bottle shops.
  38. 25 and change. No clue where else some may be. Tasty's my store and I didn't ask them about it.
  39. 7clutch

    7clutch Aficionado (245) Florida Sep 14, 2012

    Damn 14 months? Dude's putting in some serious work!

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