Bell's Black Note Stout in NC?

Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by flipdog0, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Ha thanks. The AB Zhukov begat the Bramble, and most of the rest are from some very generous friends (except for EH [local], Black Note [local tap takeovers], Uncle Jacob's [IP trade], and KBS [local pickup]). Thanks to those generous friends -- you know who you are!! It's moments like this where I wish I could tag voxomkid, chardlogic, VncentLIFE, OSUBeerStudent, verecund, flipdog0, bryanole, inflames786, apaisncsu, etc.
  2. Player's Retreat got a case or so, apparently because of their high volume of Bell's (2 hearted) sales.
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    Do they still have some?
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    Do they allow you to take an unopened home?:)
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    True Story: Friday nights they do some cheap deal on pitchers of two hearted and sell the shit out of it. Therefore, they were allotted a case of Black Note (haha)

    The rumors were 4 cases for the triangle 2 of which were to go to restaurants (Players Retreat, Tyler's - Apex???) and 2 of which were to go to shops (Total Wine - North Hills, Sam's????)

    Players Retreat was not allowing to go sales of the Black Note.
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    Can confirm all of the locations except Tyler's Apex ... no idea where the 4th went, but suspect that it was a restaurant and not a bottle shop.
  7. Do you guys have a Flying Saucer? I know the Suacer here in Charlotte got some.
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  8. PR also has $5 pitchers of 2 hearted on sundays. yowzers

    they sold most on Monday, and the last 2 on Tuesday... $12 each
  9. A pitcher of Two Hearted for $5? The money I'd save would have to go towards a cab That's awesome.
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  10. yea, heard pitchers weren't gigantic, but, who cares?
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    Anything north of a pint of 2H for $5 is a good deal! I finally got to try BN tonight. It's good, but it's not "$1/oz in a 12 oz bottle" good.
  12. So I was in Charleston for Brewvival this weekend and went to a shop named 'Bottles' in Mt Pleasant. Shelf of Black Note, no limit, $6.99/bottle. I bought 4...kind of wish I cleaned them
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    If you grabbed any BN, let me know if you're interested in possibly doing a local swap for Hill Farmstead "shelf" beers, to be picked up in ~2.5 weeks. I am in Chapel Hill/Durham, and I'm looking for multiples!
  14. Man I don't really care for any of bell's stouts...this one didn't interest me when I first heard about it. When it came out in 4 packs I got a bottle (thanks Chris!) and holy cow this is one awesome beer!! Delicious and complex as hell.
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  15. I wanna say I prefer it to BCBS (fresh to fresh). Might have to sit down tonight with both and figure it out once and for all. Maybe I'll have my girl serve it blind to me for scientific purposes:)
  16. Hello, newbie here. Does anyone in the Charlotte area has an extra bottle they would sell or trade me of this? Would love to try it, and looks like I missed the window.
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    I was talking to Tim about something like this. Maybe BCBS vs. Black Notes vs. BA Blackout vs. BBPt5 blind taste test!
  18. RE all the speculation about where in the Triangle it went, Sams certainly got some. They brought some to the food and beer experience thing yesterday for VIPs. I wasn't a VIP so no idea how much they brought.
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    It has come and gone unfortunately. It came out before Hopslam at least in Charlotte it did. I had some buddies of mine drink a bottle with me. But unless someone is willing to trade or sell you one or you know someone sitting on some you are probably out of luck. But if you can find some I would love to get a bottle or 2 as well.