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Bell's Black Note

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by foobula, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    It isn't speculation on the order of "hey I just made something up" it's a precise reading of a poorly written label.
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  2. That is a new formulation for Black Note. Black Note was 70% Double Cream and 30% Expedition, according to David Bell. I was also under the impression that the blend was aged in bourbon barrels - which it still may be. The wording on that label is ambiguous.
  3. MichPaul

    MichPaul Champion (770) Michigan Jan 28, 2012 Verified

    All following versions of BN will be HORRIBLE! Leave them on the shelves in Michigan. (Just tell me where you saw them please)
  4. MichPaul

    MichPaul Champion (770) Michigan Jan 28, 2012 Verified

    Hmmm... Guess I was imagining when I bought my 750's then which sucks because I love this beer! :( (Runs to the basement to make sure they are still there) WHEW!
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  5. key words are "isn't true this year"
  6. broodog

    broodog Savant (395) Illinois Jul 18, 2009

    Can you cite your source that David Bell said this?
  7. No. He told me at a Bell's event at The Big Hunt in DC last year.
  8. This thread is great.

    Regardless of what the percentages are, it seems pretty clear from all the evidence presented (keg label include and interpreted grammatically) that Black Note is made from taking Double Cream blending it with Expedition then putting the combination in a bourbon barrel for an indeterminate amount of time.
  9. Nectar

    Nectar Savant (310) New Jersey Jan 17, 2013

    Had BN once and it was the kittie's titties.

    No Joke
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  10. FishPondManager

    FishPondManager Advocate (520) Colorado Feb 28, 2012 Verified

    So who shot first: Han or Greedo?
  11. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (660) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    I wouldn't call a keg label a source. Especially because it can easily be read the proper way which is 50% of each and 100% BA.
  12. smartassboiler

    smartassboiler Advocate (740) Illinois Apr 9, 2012 Verified

    Can I find it amusing that you say it's poorly written when it's simultaneously grammatically correct? :)
  13. lsbell

    lsbell Aficionado (135) Michigan Mar 7, 2008

    Hey BA's!

    Just to make sure we're all on the same page regarding Black Note, the way the label is written is for the TTB formula. Black Note is 50% Expedition Stout and 50% Double Cream Stout, aged separately in bourbon barrels and then blended post barrel aging. I hope this helps clear up any questions!


    Laura S. Bell
    Director of Marketing
    Bell's Brewery, Inc.
  14. Is the 50/50 blend based on pre- or post-barrel-aging volumes, and has the recipe been constant over the past several years?
  15. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Champion (860) Michigan May 8, 2006

    I think you may have inferred too much into my use of the word speculate. I was merely speaking about engaging in a course of reasoning based on inconclusive evidence. The should not minimize your question at all, it was based off of legitimate evidence, but at the time we were still making assumptions based incomplete information or what I called speculating.
  16. Okay, somebody needs to save this reply for the sake of the next time we all discuss this recipe. ;)

    Thanks, Laura.
  17. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    Care to cite your source on that? :D :D :D

    But seriously, thanks for taking the time to respond with the authoritative word. I'm sure when I have BN on draft soon I'll be just as impressed as last year.
  18. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    That's cool. I can go along with that. Time to crack open a hopslam and chill.
  19. Orloliz

    Orloliz Disciple (65) Michigan Nov 27, 2011

    Living within driving distance of Bell's and Founder's I find myself spoiled. This past weekend we opened a bottle of Bourbon County, Black Note and KBS. There were six of us and we all got a taste to compare the three fantatic beers. We did this while watching Michigan play Syracuse.
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  20. And.....?
  21. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    And it's Orloliz's first post, welcome!
  22. And a gracious BA welcome to you, Oroliz, but don't leave us hanging. Let us know your comparison thoughts. :)
  23. MichPaul

    MichPaul Champion (770) Michigan Jan 28, 2012 Verified

    Ummm... Mine are the last batch to come out. Have they put out a 2013 batch yet or released the fact that they will no longer be bottling them in 750ml format? Where you gettin your facts bro?
  24. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    I think either 1up didn't know the 750's were sold at the brewery a few months ago, or he was just focused on the 12-oz bottles that hit distro.
  25. I didn't know they released 750s this year
  26. MichPaul

    MichPaul Champion (770) Michigan Jan 28, 2012 Verified

    That's alright. We have all learned quite a bit about speculation through this thread. :p
    Happy Beer Hunting fellas!
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  27. Orloliz

    Orloliz Disciple (65) Michigan Nov 27, 2011

    Sorry, all the beers fantastic. But I have to agree Black Note out of the bottle is not near as good on tap. Bourbon County had a very strong bourbon taste, maybe too much. It was my first KBS and it was good. but I just got about a shot and half. I hope to have my own this weekend.

    We were fortunate to get a couple 750ml (gave one away as a Christmas present to my son-in-law) and a four pack of black note. We also, purchased two four packs of KBS.
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  28. jegross2

    jegross2 Champion (750) Illinois Jan 3, 2010 Verified

  29. foobula

    foobula Savant (340) Illinois Dec 14, 2009

    That's good to hear... I had nothing but tap Black Note last year, and have had all bottles so far this year. I'm looking forward to finding it on tap again.

    Anyone have any experience with BA Batch 9000 on draft vs. bottle? It's probably my #1 beer, which I've had twice on draft.