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Bell's Hopslam (2013)

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by mjshearer1, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. MCain04

    MCain04 Savant (390) Illinois Jan 3, 2013

    This isn't just first world problems, it's elite first world problems.

    First off, be glad you can get Hopslam. A lot of people can't. If you got it and don't like it, don't buy any more. I'm sure it's not the first beer you haven't liked.

    Second, Hopslam is, in my opinion, quite good. I'd say the majority of people list it in their top 10s of DIPAs. Because of the limited release, everyone gets their expectations ridiculously high. PtE and Heady are available year-round, this is not. Don't fault Hopslam for having an unfair hype. It's a damn good brew.

    Third, Hopslam is not that expensive. PtE is $4.50/375ml at its cheapest. $2.50-$3/12oz is not something to gripe over. DFH 90 min is around this price point, as are many DIPAs. When you make a brew that's ABV is 10%, a lot of product goes into it that raises production cost.

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but it really pisses me off that it's hip to hate on Hopslam. I don't love Wookey Jack and everyone else seems to, but I don't complain about the $7 bottle price, I just don't buy it. Hopslam will sell just fine without all your negative criticism, but stop piling on, it's getting annoying.
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  2. teamwiggum

    teamwiggum Savant (490) Wisconsin Nov 30, 2008

    That's weird, most of the comments seem to be from people who do in fact like Hopslam but notice something off about it this year. Don't see anyone using the word "hate", just airing their disappointment in the particular bottle(s) they've tried.
    Me personally, I've had (and loved) Hopslam in the past. Bottled, on tap, even from a firkin. What I've had this year tastes way off, no big DIPA hop flavor whatsoever. I had a Palate Wrecker the other night and that is the Hopslam I remember in regards to hops. Give me the bottle date of that Hopslam and I'll be all over a couple of 6 packs at the $16 I paid, all day every day.
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  3. For everyone in North Carolina still waiting for Hopslam, the distributor has had it in their warehouse for 2 weeks now. And they're just sitting on it. Losing freshness day by day. I've heard something about how they're trying to make sure each and every store in NC gets Hopslam on the same day. That and they are waiting on the 2nd shipment from Bell's. Either way, this is getting ridiculous. Just give it to us already. I've heard Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday. But if it gets pushed back again, I say its time to grab the pitchforks and light the torches
  4. MCain04

    MCain04 Savant (390) Illinois Jan 3, 2013

    Fair enough. To me, having had Hopslam fresh within a week of bottling, it tasted as good as it ever did. I don't think it ever tasted like Palate Wrecker - that is over the top with bittering hops. The Hopslam hops are most tasting hops. Perhaps your palate has changed where you now prefer beers with higher IBUs. I will say though, having a Hopslam 3-4 weeks fresh is very different than <1 week. Much less aroma and hop flavor, honey starts overpowering. Perhaps you had an old bottle.
  5. schildres

    schildres Aficionado (160) Maryland Oct 14, 2010

    My local store emailed me that it was in and with in the day he sent the emil it was sold out..can't wait to crack this one open!

  6. TryppZ

    TryppZ Initiate (20) Feb 3, 2013

    I agree with you on this one. It has less of a hoppy bite, a tad more sweet and boozy, and like the 2012 batch, there's a bit more of a simcoe or citra (cat urine) presence. It is still delicious, but not exactly the HopSlam I've enjoyed for the past couple years.
  7. McBroom's. Just called and reserved a case that morning when I saw (via facebook) Hopslam came in. The dude working at McBroom's said they were out by the time I made it there after work. I'm lucky I had one reserved. Waiting for it kinda sucks but you'll be happy very soon.
  8. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Advocate (595) Virginia Jan 27, 2013

    TW in Newport News sold out on Friday. I got 1 6pk.
  9. Anybody know where I can find this online? I swear this is my white whale.
  10. mjhood92

    mjhood92 Initiate (20) Feb 5, 2013

    So... Got the last six pack at my local store last week and now looking for something new to try that is similar. Any suggestions? (That are available in Alabama...)
  11. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill: Sam's Quik Shop ($18/6pk) released 1/2 of their alottment this morning at 9am, and will be releasing the remaining bottles at 5pm tonight. Carborro Beverage received shipment this afternoon and has began selling. I am sure all local Total Wines are now distributing. No announcement from Bottle Revolution or Triangle Wine Company as of this writing.
  12. My Pittsburgh store ordered 20 cases and received 4.
  13. Total wines are gone last I heard and triangle sent their email this evening.
  14. i'm drinking some right now, and i really have no idea what to think of it. i'm enjoying it, and it's without a doubt a great brew but it's not what i was expecting, as i was expecting something so mind blowing i'd have to pick my brain up off the floor after my first sip. i think the hype ruined this beer for me.
  15. mscudder

    mscudder Savant (265) Georgia Jan 22, 2012

    This is a great beer. However, it is likely the most overrated beer in the history of craft. A smooth honey base makes this easy for those prone to bitterness to find it amazing. Complexity is lacking. The amount of booze they pack in is impressive though...
  16. Benny3000

    Benny3000 Savant (375) Michigan Apr 4, 2012

    A 3-4 week old Hopslam does not lose its hop flavors. Its rather consistent for the first month or two. Consistently the best IPA in the world.
  17. o_O
  18. Revenant

    Revenant Savant (350) Minnesota Aug 8, 2012

    Your avatar is pretty sick. Hail The Boognish!
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  19. PaulG

    PaulG Aspirant (35) Minnesota Oct 10, 2012

    Just had some as well. Better than last years.
  20. sibesa

    sibesa Initiate (15) Jan 24, 2013

    Good beer!!! Hoping to try it again soon!
  21. shibby575

    shibby575 Aficionado (100) Indiana Dec 28, 2010

    Just found a couple cases at my out of the way honey hole. This is one of my favorite beers, and is my wife's favorite, with zombie dust a close second. I believe there be no more anywhere around, including at bells as I stopped there last weekend and they had none. Enjoy it folks it never lasts long enough. I think it tastes just as it always has. Fanfreakintastic!!
  22. Holsie

    Holsie Initiate (0) South Carolina Jun 27, 2012

    An exceptional brew. Since its introduction, so many more "over the top" things have been introduced that it no longer seems as unique as it once did. Even so, it remains an annual must have that many including me cannot wait for. Very few things taste like it and can hide 10% so well.
  23. This is my fourth year drinking Hopslam and I think it's as good as usual. While it's possible the recipe or production has changed detectably, I think it's far more likely people's palates have changed (assuming they've even actually had it multiple years).

    If you think this year's batch is off, just wait til you try NEXT year's batch. It's really boring compared to previous years' releases.
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  24. thampel09

    thampel09 Savant (410) New Jersey Apr 27, 2010

    This was the first year I was able to get a hold of some hopslam (2 bottles) and have drank one thus far. I highly enjoyed it.
  25. bells cant come to NY soon enough!
  26. sdpaul

    sdpaul Savant (285) California May 2, 2012

    Those are so bog boys...Hopslam is a good beer not great..glad it is only a once a year
  27. This year hopslam much malter for sure.
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  28. baconman91

    baconman91 Savant (495) Ohio Dec 13, 2009

    Hopslam (isn't) all that Esp. for what they want for it $$$$$...SO many Others out there better.
  29. I cringe when I see it displayed unrefrigerated.
  30. baconman91

    baconman91 Savant (495) Ohio Dec 13, 2009

    ..sorry, I know some folks might be Mad at that. -- wasn't my intention...just sayin'.
  31. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Savant (470) Arizona Dec 20, 2011

    Really disappointed after finishing my last of 6 bottles last night that I purchased back in Mid January. While 4-5 weeks is a while to sit on a good, fresh IPA, I was still suprised at how malty this became in such a short period of time. No surprise you can still find this on sheves after almost a month and a half...
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  32. beerindaglass

    beerindaglass Savant (300) Florida Feb 20, 2013

    My first post, and first yr tasting it. First was from a snifter on tap. Unreal and lived up to the hype for sure. I bought 18 bottles at 16.99 a 6. It's still fanatastic. I will say the draft was better. It may be because it was my first taste of it, though. I also can't compare to other years, but I have had some fine IPA's, and HS stand up to them, imo.
  33. Bells most certainly makes 4 packs. Case in point... Bells Black Note Stout.

    Also if you enjoyed Hopslam, try Greenbush Brother Benjamin Imperial IPA. It is 112 IBUs so talk about a hop bomb. It is also brewed with honey and in my opinion quite a bit better than Hopslam. And its less well known, so more fun to bust out at your next tasting party.

    Enjoy :)
  34. No,
    Bells doesn't make 4 packs of Hopslam.
  35. legend8706

    legend8706 Savant (300) Virginia Oct 31, 2012

    Was lucky enough to try a Firkin of Hopslam on Friday at a local bar and wow it was delicious! Just an amazing ale either way!
  36. DinoFight

    DinoFight Aficionado (235) Arizona Jan 23, 2013

    Am I a bad person for making Hopslam beer brats? If so oh well, made some yesterday and man it makes some good brats. Still have some bottles that I got from the beginning of February and haven't yet noticed the quick hop drop of some people have mentioned. Still one of my favorite special release beers.
  37. kdb150

    kdb150 Savant (490) Pennsylvania Mar 8, 2012

    Comments like this are funny. Of course it is lacking in complexity, it's a freakin DIPA! Heady is the only DIPA I've had that can properly be said to have complexity. The rest may hit a few different flavor notes of hops, but that is worlds away from "complexity" the way I think of it when it comes to beer, wine, or spirits.
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  38. MikeCactusGordon

    MikeCactusGordon Savant (490) Ohio Feb 20, 2011

    I had a 1/3/2013 batch on Saturday and the hop / freshness had diminished significantly.

    Plan on drinking a lot of GL Alchemy Hour DIPA over the next few weeks while that's super fresh. Mosiac piney / spicyness FTW!!
  39. tstigz

    tstigz Savant (290) Illinois Dec 6, 2010

    It is a little more Maltslam this year and less Hopslam compared to other years, but it's still great and I don't regret buying a case.
  40. Brenden

    Brenden Champion (785) Ohio Feb 25, 2008

    This is because it doesn't change from one year to the next in any way whatsoever. Psychology is a funny thing, I guess?
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