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[Bend] Beer spots/restaurants with full bars

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by guajolote, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. guajolote

    guajolote Advocate (530) Oregon Sep 12, 2008

    I posted a thread like this for Portland, but I'm heading to Bend tomorrow with my wife for the Bend Fall Festival. We've only been to Bend once since moving to Oregon, so I'm planning on hitting places like Boneyard, Crux, 10 Barrel, and maybe some of the other Ale Trail spots while my wife is vending at the festival (I visited Deschutes & Bend Brewing last time I was there). However, afterward, I'm sure we'll want some food, and I know she'll probably want a drink or two after vending all day. It appears that 10 Barrel has a full bar, so we might save that for dinner one night.

    Does anyone have any other good recommends for food/beer/booze in Bend? Thanks!
  2. maltmaster420

    maltmaster420 Advocate (550) Oregon Aug 17, 2005 Beer Trader

    Our last trip was mainly focused on breweries, but we did stop in at the Blacksmith for late night happy hour. They have 10-12 taps, fairly unique happy hour food like dungeness crab corndogs, and (according to my GF) some good cocktails.
  3. flexabull

    flexabull Champion (820) California Mar 9, 2006 Beer Trader

    Brother Jon's has a full bar. I didn't make it the last time I went, but my brother goes there often and really likes it. Plus it's pretty much next door to 10 Barrel.
  4. distantmantra

    distantmantra Advocate (745) Washington May 23, 2011 Beer Trader

    I second The Blacksmith. Wife and I had dinner there with some friends over Memorial Day weekend. Absolutely incredible food with a great tap list (Boneyard, Russian River, etc.).
  5. i would definitely suggest 10 Barrel. i had lunch there when i was in bend a few months ago, and the food was great. not to mention all the great beer
  6. guajolote

    guajolote Advocate (530) Oregon Sep 12, 2008

    Ended up going to Zydeco for dinner Friday night. Good food, either 6 or 8 local taps (including RPM), and some pretty stiff martinis. Worth a look if you're going for more than just pub fare.

    Agreed. Stopped in Saturday night for dinner. Had some chorizo meatloaf mac n' cheese, which is one of the most ridiculous comfort foods I've ever had. Plus fresh Apocalypse on tap is the only way I think I'll ever drink that beer again. It ruined me for the (undated) bottles.