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Best Belgium & France Beers?

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by Cris_Untapped, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Hey,

    What would you think is the best beers to grab from Belgium & France?
    Any up and coming breweries out there you heard of?

    A trip is in the works soon.
  2. Forget France and go for Belgium all the way. The beers of the Struise Brouwers are a must, just as the famous Westvleteren 12. Give us your favourite styles so that we can pinpoint the best advice!
  3. Thanks....best styles are sours/wild ales, barrel aged, saisons, and whatever brewery has the best all round selection of beers too.
  4. For the sour section you will have to be in Brussels, 3f and Cantillon. To discover the rest i would advice you to go to the Kulminator in Antwerps, worlds best beercafe. Have fun...
  5. Thanks buddy! Have you been there?
    Other than Belgium....is there any other country in Europe that I should be looking at for beer too?
  6. The Kulminator is a place you have to go to. There are beers you will never see anywhere else. Simply the best bar because of that.

    As for other countries is suggest you go to Holland where the microbrews are on a very high level.

  7. Awesome-Thanks. Does Kulminator make enough beer that they could distribute further?
    Thanks Man
  8. Oh-its a Tap House.....I was looking for Breweries mostly:)
  9. You can drink beers form the tap there and you can drink (very old) bottles of the best beer.

    My tip would be to ask the lady for a ten year old Pannepot from Struise, you will not be disappointed!

    If you have some money extra you can drink some old Westvleteren...very spectacular!

  10. awesome!!!

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