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best brew pub/food in your area

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by mhksuccess, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. mhksuccess

    mhksuccess Advocate (630) California Jul 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    well i am definitely a fan of eating and drinking so it is always tough in my area
    Blue palms brewhouse- excellent food from the bison hot dog on homemade pretzel roll to the thursday night 35 cent wings but since the re-open the beer has been average nothing extraordinary but usually has Pliny
    Mohawk bend- They have excellent thin pizza with crazy toppings and buffalo cauliflower although they got rid of my favorite daphne potatoe lightly fried outside mashed potatoe inside OMG but the beer selection has been great 82 taps and dozen ipa and nice other selection little low on the stouts usually but I notice they have oak aged chocolate yeti yummy
    Let me know what your guys is like
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  2. I'm in OC and have been wanting to make the trip up to try Mohawk Bend. I love all the German/Belgium offerings at W├╝rstkuch (but that is another issue.

    Down here The Playground is one of the best options. Around 15 taps of all California beers, great bottle list, and the menu rotates weekly. http://playgrounddtsa.com/drink/beer/

    I am yet to try Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach and Long Beach - but I have heard great things.
  3. mhksuccess

    mhksuccess Advocate (630) California Jul 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    i have been to beachwood bbq in seal beach it is cool
    love the vibe right on the beach and the food was good i got some chicken and nachos plate
    i have heard you can bring bottle into the playground no corkage fee
  4. Man I love the Playground. Food is expensive but they split their menu up by meat and vegetarian, which is great for a lot of the people I bring in there. And I don't mind expensive food considering EVERY beer is only $5.

    Smoqued BBQ just opened up in Orange. Great draft list. Every Tuesday is Kill the Keg Night, where one select beer is only $3.50 a pint. The BBQ was actually really good, too.
  5. FosterJM

    FosterJM Champion (890) California Nov 16, 2009 Beer Trader

    Haven Gastropub
    Salted Pig
    Beachwoods (Either one)

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  6. blackcloud

    blackcloud Advocate (545) Alaska Apr 28, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    mohawk bend is amazing. i could eat that buffalo cauliflower all day every day for the rest of my life.
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  7. For wine, yes. If that we're the case with beer I'd roll in with a magnum of Chimay.
  8. champ103

    champ103 Poobah (1,040) Texas Sep 3, 2007 Beer Trader

    The Hay Merchant in Houston is excellent. 80 taps, 5 casks, and a very interesting menu. They don't hit everything out of the park. Though they can make some great things. Ox tail ravioli anyone?

    Also in Houston is Cottonwood, which probably has the best pub grub in the city IMO. Stuffed quail, BBQ oysters, steamed mussels, along with burgers and wings. Excellent beer selection of mostly Texas craft and always a few casks on as well.
  9. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

    Holy Punctuation, batman.

    Two Bro's brewpub is pretty dope.
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  10. Thanks for the word on Smoqued. I'm in Orange and have driven by it often, but haven't been. I usually stop at The Bruery Provisions instead ;)
  11. That whole area is becoming craft beer lover central
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  12. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Advocate (660) California Jan 2, 2010 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Beachwood BBQ!

    Honorable mention

    Father's office
    Congregation House
    Stone Brewery
  13. I can't speak for the BEST in San Diego since I have not tried them all, but Karl Strauss Downtown has really good food and the beers are great IMO.
  14. ChanChan

    ChanChan Advocate (620) California Dec 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    I totally agree with you! They have not impressed me with their tap-list lately but Blue palms is still my favorite spot!! Their reserve bottle list is pricey but quite impressive! Their Truffle burger is freaking awesome, I love their Lobster Mac& cheese, their Buffalo chicken sandwich, their beet salad, their various sausages, etc, etc.
  15. If food is entered into the equation, I don't really think that here in Spokane the Manito tap house can be beat.
  16. Thinking about going to Haven as we speak. A beer at 2 PM on a Wednesday is fine, right?
  17. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Advocate (670) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    The Fitz! Haha kill me.
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  18. I'm in Chicago and HANDS DOWN in my humble opinion Revolution Brewing's Brewpub has the best food of the local brewpubs.
    For me I'd say that second is Haymarket, but I don't go there that much because its a longer hike and i'm lazy. any other Chicago BA's wanna tell me other places to go to stuff my face and drink?
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  19. haha I was just debating on going down there for an early dinner simply because they just tapped in The Abyss and I drank one of my two bottles on NYE
  20. Ricelikesbeer

    Ricelikesbeer Savant (445) Colorado Nov 29, 2006

    I'm interested to see other Colorado votes, but I'd go with Vine st. in Cap hill in Denver- Always tons of new, awesome stuff on tap and a really eclectic menu with tons of choices. Great Bar food but also a few interesting picks here and there. Love the burgers. Oh and also- STOUT MONTH- awesome.

    My other choice would be Bull and Bush in Cherry Creek, also great burgers, but they have great English pub style food like fish and chips and my personal favorite- mashed potatoes and green chile. And you can't beat beer favorites like Royal Oil and Legend of the Liquid Brain.
  21. Ford

    Ford Advocate (570) Texas Sep 8, 2012 Beer Trader

    closest to me in Alvin, Texas is Gordon Street Tavern.. 30 taps with a mix of BMC, Sam Adams/Shiner and craft.. but enough great craft to keep me interested.

    My favorite place in Houston is Petrol Station. GREAT burgers and always a top draft selection of all craft beer.

    In Clear Lake there is now Nobi Public House where the food has an Asian flare... and a top rate selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles.
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  22. DESTIHL in Normal and Champaign, IL. Food and drink are fantastic.
  23. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Advocate (635) New Jersey Mar 6, 2008 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Trap Rock Brewery/Resturant Berkley Heights NJ.
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  24. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl Advocate (695) Ohio Feb 27, 2007

    This is tough as finding a bad or even mediocre brewpub is pretty rare

    Pittsburgh Area- Church Brew Works - the atmosphere is unreal- the food is awesome-the beer is good
    Northeast PA- Blue Canoe in Titusville
    Northeast Ohio- Main St Grille & Brewing Co. in Garrettsville OR The Brew Kettle in Strongsville
  25. I like the way you drink... I mean think. My humor is so good.
  26. johnyb

    johnyb Champion (850) Florida Aug 11, 2012 Beer Trader

    If you're ever in St Pete/Tampa area.................Peg's Cantina has unbelievable food and , oh yeah, a guy named Doug there brews some pretty G.O.O.D brews you might want to try.............
  27. leedorham

    leedorham Champion (855) Washington Apr 27, 2006

    I dunno. Sometimes the popcorn is fairly fresh at The Swamp.
  28. When im in Connecticut, Willimantic Brewing Company, when Im home in Baltimore, The Brewers Art
  29. alexipa

    alexipa Advocate (525) Colorado Oct 7, 2011 Beer Trader

    In Boulder its gotta be Twisted Pine - simple food with great beer and prices. Atmosphere can't be beat.

    Mountain/Southern Sun are also great.
  30. Are we only talking brewpubs or beer bars as well? When i think brewpub, I think of a place that makes their own beer, but it sounds like some people here are talking about regular beer bars, not places that make their own beer?

    My favorite brewpub food in Boston is found at Cambridge Brewing and John Harvards. If the tavern attached to Wormtown counts, then that gets honorable mention from me. Beer Works in satisfying, even if just for the fries.

    Best beer bar food...Deep Ellum. Close runner ups in Publick House and Armsby Abbey. I havent eaten at all the beer bars in the Boston area, though.
  31. ja1022

    ja1022 Aficionado (230) Indiana Sep 27, 2009

    There are 4 places for me in the northwest Indiana area (I won't include Chicago, although Revolution is only like 35 minutes).

    Three Floyds
    Flossmoor Station (Flossmoor IL)
    Shoreline (Michigan City IN)
    Greenbush (Sawyer, MI)

    Listed closest to furthest.

    Three Floyds is...well...Three Floyds. Flossmoor and Shoreline are more like restaurants with beer. Greenbush is putting out an expanding menu of good beer food working off a small prep area behind the bar and a couple of smokers outside. Like the rest of the place, it's kind of interesting, and good.
  32. hah, if it could even be considered food.
    Seriously though I do love the swamp. I am just not the biggest fan of popcorn.
  33. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poobah (1,210) Maine Sep 17, 2005 Subscriber Beer Trader

    In southern Maine you have to go to When Pigs Fly. Great food and an ever changing tap list.
  34. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    I can't believe I've still never been there.
  35. leedorham

    leedorham Champion (855) Washington Apr 27, 2006

    You should try the popcorn at Budge Bros. I am not really a fan of popcorn either but theirs is really good. They make it with real butter. It's seriously the best popcorn I've ever had.
  36. I haven't really made it there yet or to twelve string. I suppose I should put that on the list. Im visiting Portland next month and hopworks is a main priority!
  37. mmikey8

    mmikey8 Savant (395) California Aug 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    The Playground (Santa Ana)
    Beachwood BBQ (Long or Seal Beach)
    and although it's a bit further, Pizza Port in Carlsbad

    The Bruery Provisions is starting to sell some pretty tasty food as well, but not exactly a restaurant (yet)
  38. rvajohn

    rvajohn Savant (330) Virginia Nov 22, 2012 Beer Trader

    Blue Mountain Brewey just outside Charlottesville, VA is pretty nice. Decent beer and an awesome setting in the mountains. More local to me, Legend Brewey has terrific beer and a great view of the city.The food is probably a 7. There is not much competition yet in Richmond, VA
  39. Best brew pub Rivertowne Pourhouse - Can't beat the 3 dollar happy hour from 10-12 nightly and 1/2 off apps (spin/artichoke dip and bread for 3.50 and scotch eggs)

    For grub I always go to Uncle Sam's in Fox chapel best steak hogies and yingz always on tap. Bottle selection is pretty affordable at 3-5 dollars
  40. fox227

    fox227 Advocate (610) California Nov 19, 2010

    I like The Encinitas Ale House and Churchill's.
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