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best cheap BC six packs

Discussion in 'Canada' started by 604growler, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Hi BC BAs,

    I was talking to a Vancouver guy who only wants to buy the cheapest six-pack beer but wanted to know what is the best in that category and I was stumped. First I said Steamworks pilsner, CC RR PA or IPA, but he still thought those were too expensive. So then I basically said you get what you pay for with beer. TTYTT I don`t really look at prices much so maybe I`m not the one to ask. Going to the cheapest price point what do you recommend?
  2. Lighthouse Lager & VI Hermann's , VI Pipers Pale Ale was on sale all April - $10.99 a 6pack
    Lucky Lager - $10 a 6pack
    Bowen Is - $9 a 6pack
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  3. I find once you drop below about $11 for a 6-pack you lose quality real fast, they get shittier faster than they get cheaper. I guess there are some decent ones in the $8.xx range, Bowen is alright, Cariboo is drinkable. Lighthouse lager is $10/6pk.

    I've become used to paying $10 average per beer now. Seems like $9 vs. $11 a 6-pack is splitting hairs.
  4. Lucky Lager is $10 a 6 pack here?! It was less than $6 a 6 pack in Calgary when I lived there a few yrs ago. wow.... who the hell would pay $10 for that stuff?
  5. A. More people than will ever buy a craft beer. I mean, that stuff's just too bitter and expensive! They will also buy it more often, in greater quantities, and will care less if it tastes lighter/less hoppy/ or young over time than a craft beer drinker would.

  6. yup, Bowen IPA is pretty alright and is in that lower price point . The mixed 12 pack is good too as I like the Hemp Blonde ale and the Irish Red Ale.
  7. Got to add the new branded Twisted Trail Extra Pale Ale from Bowen. Tastes like an amber than an PA but is welll worth the $8.85
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