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Best Colorado IPA only available in Colorado?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by p90beer, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. chicano4craft

    chicano4craft Savant (310) Colorado Apr 18, 2009

    I'm in the same boat. I was really expecting more. Oh well...they can't all be winners.
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  2. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    While I like Abomination, they've had several varations and some I enjoyed more than others. I'll have to give the cans a go one of these days.
    However Seven Seas (aka. 7 C's, aka. DIPA) has gotten better. Love that one.
  3. poonamibaxter

    poonamibaxter Savant (315) Colorado Jun 26, 2007

    I bought a sixer of Abomination and will agree that it sucks. It isn't the same beer that they used to have on tap right? I remember that beer being a lot hoppier. I think their Dipa is fantastic
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  4. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,030) Colorado May 19, 2005

    I'd like to try Abomination, if I could find it! :mad:
    (I need a hug)
  5. denver10

    denver10 Champion (890) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    If I still lived down in Denver I'd offer you the rest of my sixer.
  6. Kuester

    Kuester Aficionado (165) Colorado May 14, 2012

    Renegade Elevation Triple IPA just came out in 4-pack cans, it is WONDERFUL!
  7. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    It might be a different version. They used to number the Hop Abomination beers and I believe they ended up going as high as version 7. It's very possible you tried a different version of the beer at the tasting room or at places like the Rackhouse. With the first couple of variants they even advertised them as having 250K IBU's.
  8. Odell IPA when it's fresh is pretty tough to beat.

    TRVE's Tunnel of Trees is good, more of a session beer though. And they don't always have it available (they didn't last night).

    Still need to get to Renegade for their IIIPA (yes, triple IPA). Any good?
  9. Where can you get it? Just at the brewery?
  10. Kuester

    Kuester Aficionado (165) Colorado May 14, 2012

    Got them at Lukas Liquors, located right next to Renegade's Ryeteous Rye, I would assume it'll be on shelves all over. Saw it in Lukas' beer release blog (http://www.coloradobeernews.blogspot.com/), says year round with a "?" I sure hope it will be. First TIPA I've had, couldn't tell a ton of difference from a DIPA. A lot like Gubna IMO, but a lil better. Right behind Myrcenary now as my favorite local ipas
  11. Kuester

    Kuester Aficionado (165) Colorado May 14, 2012

    And if anyone's still looking for Celebration or Sucks ^ thats the place to go to! They might be on their last case of Celebration tho.
  12. Prospero

    Prospero Advocate (665) Colorado Jul 27, 2010

    Had both Abomination and Renegade's Elevation TIPA this weekend. I enjoyed Renegade's much better. Abomination seemed flat on aroma and taste was somewhere stuck in the middle of piney and citrus and didn't have a distinguished flavor like other IPAs. Modus is much better IPA in a can. Odell IPA will remain my favorite, although I must say Dry Dock DIPA and Renegade's TIPA have to be up there on the list.
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  13. guyforget

    guyforget Aficionado (205) Colorado Nov 12, 2009

    renegade's elevation tastes like garlic and onions, same way deviant dales or gubna... too much summit hops.
  14. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Huh. That's too bad. On tap I really enjoy it and I can't stand the Gubna.
  15. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    On a related note, on the Mile High Wine and Spirits Facebook page an Oskar Blues rep mentioned that they were re-formulating the Gubna and the "new" one will be out in March. Could be interesting.
    I still haven't had the canned Elevation yet, but on tap I'd say it tastes nothing like the Gubna at all...so maybe Summit hops aren't entirely to blame.
  16. joshclauss

    joshclauss Savant (305) Colorado Oct 31, 2010

    I thought it was pretty ballsy for Mile High to actually use the comparison "This is everything Gubna wished it could be" in a public forum like that. Can't ever blame them for pulling punches. Oskar Blues seemed to take it in stride and admit to some ongoing negative feedback in their response. Really interesting exchange...
    Prospero likes this.
  17. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,030) Colorado May 19, 2005

    Andre's a bad ass. Don't mess with THAT dude. :cool:
  18. I opened up my first Elevation last night, and it was impressive. Very balanced and very tasty.
    hopfacebrew likes this.
  19. AHouseOnFire

    AHouseOnFire Aspirant (35) Colorado Feb 11, 2013

    (Dudes and Dads)Dank IPA hands down is the best damn Colorado brew! Dry Dock's Hop Abomination is good also. Ska IPA wasn't bad .... Odells.. cant really go wrong with any of those.
  20. denver10

    denver10 Champion (890) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    Didn't want to start a new thread for this...but since its been discussed in this thread, Dry Dock's IIPA has finally made it up to Fort Collins.
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  21. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Funny enough (since this thread has been resurrected), I tried Elevation on tap at Renegade last week and sure enough the oniony notes were there this time. They were much milder than the Gubna and the beer wasn't all that bad, but it was definitely different than it used to be.
  22. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aficionado (220) Colorado Feb 29, 2012

    Always have to mention. Gubna is a HORRIBLE beer. Brew a beer with nothing but Summit hops, WHY in the F would a brewery do that? On another note. There is nothing here in Co in same catergory as Heady Topper. If you want the best DIPA we have in state no matter what distribution is then that would be Odell Myrcenary.
  23. joshclauss

    joshclauss Savant (305) Colorado Oct 31, 2010

    I don't know...thanks to the venerable DenverBeerDrinker, I've been having a lot of Deuce recently. Although not an IPA, it's the best hoppy beer I've had in Colorado since Mountain Standard 2011 or Fertile Soil.
  24. Finally had Elevation. Great beer, but nothing mind-blowing.

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