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Best Place for Beer in Reno

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by nickseevers, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. nickseevers

    nickseevers Zealot (75) California Mar 18, 2012

    I've searched the Mountain forum and found nothing, so if this has been beaten to death blame my horrible search ability, going to Reno for a couple nights, best place to get beer I wouldn't find in NorCal. Any suggestions?
  2. walterfredo

    walterfredo Savant (295) California Nov 22, 2011

    My favorite Reno spots...

    1. Craft: a beer/wine store that also has 3 rotating taps. Huge walk in cooler with a very nice selection of beers (by Reno standards), very nice and knowledgeable staff. Selection tends to lean a bit more heavily on the Europeans selections, but they definitely have a ton of US craft selections as well. Definitely hit up Craft. No food, but you can bring in anything and eat at the bar.

    2. Brewers Cabinet- a new brewery that has decent beers, but they usually have some great guest beers on tap, decent food.

    3. Old Bridge Pub-same owners as Brewers cabinet. No food, decent tap list. Overpriced bottles to drink there or take to go.

    4. Public House- kind of crap shoot, but worth stopping in to see if they have anything awesome on tap.

    5. Ben's Liquor- probably the best selection of bottles in town (outside of Craft). There are several locations, I've found the one on lakeside to have the best selection.

    6. Brasserie St. James-another new brewery, decent beers, great food and a great environment.

    7. St. James Infirmary- decent beers on tap, live bluegrass every monday night if that's your thing.

    8. 775 Gastropub- decent food with a fairly impressive tap selection. But the last couple times I've been in the beers tasted off, I don't think they do a good job of keeping their lines clean.

    ...I'm not a fan of the other breweries in town, Great Basin and Silver Peak.
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  3. Not sure you are going to find anything that you can't get in NorCal unless you hit the local breweries like St. James, Brewer's Cabinet, etc...

    walterfredo mentioned pretty much every place that I can think of. I think Silver Peak and Great Basin are both decent spots. If you do decide to check out either one out, I would visit their original locations. (Wonder St for Silver Peak and Sparks for Great Basin)

    Take any growlers you have. Nevada doesn't have screwy laws for filling them like CA does.
  4. nickseevers

    nickseevers Zealot (75) California Mar 18, 2012

    Great thank you.
  5. Sixam2

    Sixam2 Aficionado (110) Washington Feb 19, 2013

    Head up the hill to Incline Village, and go to the Lone Eagle Grill... its right on the water, and have a few Reno based beers... I love the Icky IPA from Great Basin Brewing Co