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Best South Shore shop w/ mix-6?

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by KBrennan1000, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a store that has decent selection that lets you make your own 6 packs from (just about) everything in the store. I live on Cape Cod but I work in the South Shore so somewhere in that territory would be the best. I know there's a bunch of stores that have kind of a half assed mix 6 policy where you can make a 6 pack from any of the beers on the tiny wheeled cart in the back but I'm looking for something where I can pick from a large number of beers.
  2. Wollaston Supreme Liquors in Quincy, MA. Went there a few week back and made a mixed six, they even have six pack holders to make them. Very good selection, and they aloow you to break up any six pack.
  3. So you're the a-hole who always leaves 5-packs sitting on the shelves there... (kidding, kidding)

    Only issue with Supreme for outsiders is that it is deep in the bowels of Quincy with no easy access from the highway, and about 10,000 traffic lights on the way. I suppose it is worth the trip for the mix-a-six if that is the goal, but there are good/better stores that are more accessible.
  4. Granite would be my rec. You can't mix all of the 6/4 packs they have out, but they do have a lot of beers to choose from the "mix and match" shelves. They also do discounts if you buy 6 bombers like some of the larger stores. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't been yet.
  5. I 2nd Granite Package - as stated before there are only a couple racks for the mix-6 but you can easily grab some solid beers for those racks. My last couple included Hennepin, Sublimely Self Righteous, Saison du Buff, Tank 7, Long Strange Tripel...

    I believe the price is the $12-13
  6. I haven't been to Luke's in Rockland in while but they used to let you buy by the bottle and there was some gems to be found.
  7. True, it is a pain to get there. Granite is good also, but limited to breaking up six packs to some degree. Granite still a fantastic shop though, all kinds of good stuff there.
  8. BobZ

    BobZ Advocate (580) Massachusetts Jun 24, 2009

    Muckey's in Lakeville, great place! Ask for Jay the beer guy, or for Billy if Jay's not around. Solid shop and constantly getting better. (May be closer to where you are too)
  9. I always seem to forget about Muckey's. It really is a great place but 90% of my travels have me going up route 3 instead of 495. I'm in Marshfield for work now so Granite is actually not too bad of a drive for me. About 20 minutes from work, I believe. I lived in Quincy for 3 years so the roads/lights don't really faze me. Maybe I'll check out Wolly Supreme and then Granite if Supreme doesn't do it for me. I've been to Granite before but I didn't look much at their mix-6 section. I ended up spending way more money than I should have anyways.