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Best year round 4 pk and bomber from your state

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by imduffman, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. imduffman

    imduffman Aficionado (190) Ohio Oct 22, 2012

    Everyone was bound by the 6 pk in the other thread.


    4pk Siberian night - Thirsty Dog

    bomber D.O.R.I.S. Hoppin Frog
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  2. db27

    db27 Aficionado (130) Vermont Dec 18, 2007

    Heady Topper (no brainer right?)
  3. Drew26

    Drew26 Advocate (510) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012 Beer Trader


    4pk CW Bourbon Barrel Barleywine

    bomber...NG Belgian Red if that counts as a bomber.
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  4. North Carolina

    4pk - hmm, we dont have too much in the way of yearly 4packs. Maybe Aviator Devil's Tramping Ground?
    I'm sure I'm overlooking something great..

    22oz - Foothills Seeing Double IPA
  5. Danny1217

    Danny1217 Advocate (705) Florida Jul 15, 2011 Beer Trader

    All of CCB's 4 packs and 750s are released only once to a few times a year. :(
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  6. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    yeti for 4x, dry dock IIPA for bombers (year round, seasonal goes to espresso oak yeti).
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  7. Does Oskar Blues count? Now that they're open outside of Asheville? Deviant Dales, or Gordon...G'knight
  8. caguiar

    caguiar Savant (265) New Hampshire Jul 5, 2011 Beer Trader


    4 Pack - Hoponius Union

    Bomber - Ipswich Oatmeal Stout
  9. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Advocate (625) Ohio Jul 4, 2008

    I 2nd the Siberian Night, my runner up would be Black Rat Russian Imperial Stout from Cellar Rats. Haven't had enough bombers to declare a clear favorite but I gotta hand it to Hoppin' Frog, in this area they are the KING of bombers as it's the only way they are available. Though I'm sure the Fatheads & Brew Kettle fans will throw these 2 out there as well.
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  10. This is year round?
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  11. Ri0

    Ri0 Poobah (1,155) Wisconsin Jul 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    This is only available in the winter. I am struggling to come up with ANY year round 4pk in WI.

    Some of Capital brewery 4pk Dopplebocks sit on the shelves year round as do the Big Eddy 4pk beers from Lienenkugels, but they are not technically year round.
  12. philbe311

    philbe311 Advocate (635) Pennsylvania Jan 21, 2008 Subscriber

    4pk - Weyerbacher Double Simcoe
    Bomber - Weyerbacher Double Simcoe (unfiltered)
    Not that I'm partial or anything...
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  13. Barrel_age_me

    Barrel_age_me Zealot (95) Ohio Dec 26, 2012

    And thats with no hesitation
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  14. There are no notable year-round 4pks that I can think of available in WI. However, serendipity is the clear winner for me as far as large bottles go (technically 750mL but whatever)
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  15. Jadjunk

    Jadjunk Savant (400) Georgia Dec 6, 2009

    Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think that there are any year-round 4 packs or year round bombers in Georgia. Unless Red Brick's Porter is year round, there's nothing by Terrapin or Sweetwater that fits that bill.
  16. UHCougar12

    UHCougar12 Advocate (565) Texas Feb 21, 2011 Beer Trader

    Karbach Rodeo Clown 4pk
    Jester King Black Metal
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  17. spoony

    spoony Champion (770) Colorado Aug 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Re four-pack, I like the vote for Yeti, but I'll add Myrcenary into the fold, which I believe is year-round in four-pack format these days.

    As for bomber, La Folie is year-round according to this site, so I'll say La Folie (although, IIRC, I don't think New Belgium releases it year-round).
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  18. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    See, I've never had La folie, and I think it's seasonal. Myrcenary is pretty great, but I like the style of IRS a little more than I like IIPA. But really, let's face it, Odell has been blowing shit up with myrcenary, lugene, mountain standard. Their seasonals are amazing as well. Once you get into this top eschelon of beers it's extremely difficult to put one over the other for any other reason except personal taste. Honestly, I love peach porch lounger. But nobody else seems to. And it's a one time release. So I hoarded that shit up. And now I'm just rambling. Sorry.
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  19. JrGtr

    JrGtr Savant (460) Massachusetts Apr 13, 2006 Subscriber

    4pk: Jack's Abby Hoponius Union
    Bonber: Mystic Saison (maybe... way too many to choose from)
  20. Minnesota:
    4pk: Surly, Furious
    Bomber: Steel Toe, Size 7
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  21. AleWatcher

    AleWatcher Advocate (730) Illinois Jan 25, 2009

    4 pack-- BCS isn't "year round" yet is it? ok, then Daisy Cutter cans
    bomber-- Sofie (if only because I cannot really think of many others-- Pipeworks has some good stuff, but I don't know what's going to be year round yet)
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  22. kawilliams81

    kawilliams81 Advocate (650) Illinois Feb 27, 2009 Beer Trader

    Most 4 packs are seasonals or high gravity beers, so this thread really doesn't work. I know some states have breweries that have 4 pack cans year round, ie. in IL Half Acre. The title should read: what's the best year round 4 pack from your state, beer 1 or beer 2.
  23. spoony

    spoony Champion (770) Colorado Aug 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Totally agree with you, but I'm the opposite because I like the IIPA more than the RIS style. I almost never drink RIS in the summer (although, to be honest, I drink very very few IIPA in the winter time).
  24. misfit1034

    misfit1034 Aficionado (170) Ohio Dec 29, 2009

    Buckeye's Hippie IPA is a pretty good year round but I think Hoppin Frog does too many good bombers to pick Hippie
  25. imduffman

    imduffman Aficionado (190) Ohio Oct 22, 2012

    does everything on B A have to be PC? its all fun right?
  26. Drew26

    Drew26 Advocate (510) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    My bad...I can't read I guess.

    Year round is tougher...you usually can find Autumnal Fire year round, even though its a seasonal, as you mentioned.
  27. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) Alaska May 30, 2011

    Maine: Allagash Black for the 4 pack; MBC Lunch IPA for the bomber.
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  28. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    I will say that I've really been diving into the ipa style a lot lately though. This winterive been drinking way more (I)ipas than ever. Still love going back to the malty goodness though.
  29. Robtobfest

    Robtobfest Savant (490) Connecticut Oct 21, 2009 Beer Trader

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  30. DaveLikesAle

    DaveLikesAle Savant (345) Ohio Jan 24, 2006

    I'd have to put B.A. B.O.R.I.S. as the best bomber, and probably B.A. Blackout as the best (and priciest) 4 pack.
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  31. gaweso

    gaweso Aficionado (175) Georgia Jan 23, 2009

    The pickings are pretty slim, but we do have Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy in 4 packs and Jailhouse Breakout Stout in bombers year round in Georgia.
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  32. Myrcenary 4 pack
    crabtree berliner weisse bomber
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  33. Jadjunk

    Jadjunk Savant (400) Georgia Dec 6, 2009

    I forgot about those! Leave it to the small breweries to provide us some great options! Although I'm torn between Ode to Mercy and Invocation, I'd say that Breakout Stout is top-notch stuff.
  34. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Advocate (625) Ohio Jul 4, 2008

    I didn't go w/a Great Lakes because the OP and thread is "Best YEAR round 4-pack" Great Lakes 4 packs are seasonal only. Believe me I wish Great Lakes seasonal stuff was available year 'round especially Blackout stout in any form. Here's hoping Big Black Smoke makes it's way to the bottling line in some fashion. Rye of the Tiger bottling in 2013!!
  35. Mass Hoponious Union for 4 pack.

    Bomber: J'ack D'or (or something from pretty things) or Slumbrew Flagraiser IPA.
  36. I was going to say this then I forgot about Head Hunter

    sooo at this time:
    4pk: Head Hunter

    Bomber: DORIS
  37. Madcap74

    Madcap74 Aficionado (145) Ohio Jan 12, 2013 Subscriber Beer Trader


    4 pack -

    Fat Heads Headhunter.

    Bomber -

    Rockmill Tripel (and the cask aged is even better)
  38. baybassboy

    baybassboy Savant (390) California Feb 23, 2011

    Probably too many options to get THE correct answer for CA, but here goes...


    4pk: Firestone - Double Jack

    Bomber: Alpine - Nelson
  39. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    Crabtree's peachtree cezanne saison is pretty awesome as well.
  40. fortsambo

    fortsambo Savant (325) Colorado Feb 14, 2011 Beer Trader

    Myrcenary/Ten Fidy
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