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Beyond the Pale - Grätzer (Ottawa)

Discussion in 'Canada' started by klwatts, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Beyond the Pale collaborated with local brewer Brad Remus and Union Local 613 for this brew. Having a launch party on August 11 at Union Local 613. Never had this style before, but I'm really looking forward to it!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up; Rob and Shane are my new heros!
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  3. I stopped in at the brewery over the weekend and noticed they have 2 new barrels, one full and one empty. The full barrel has a sour aging, but I forgot the type of barrel. The empty barrel is some kind of chardonnay ice wine barrel...now that could be interesting!
  4. Only had less than a half dozen brews of this style, but I love it. Jealous a local brewery is putting one out for you guys!
  5. Oh wow! Do you remember Beau's Venskab that was aged on Ice Wine-soaked oak chips? That was super yummy.
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  6. One of the best things (if not THE best thing) Beau's has ever done.
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  7. Oh yah, I had forgotten that!! That was a super tasty brew; I agree with liamt, that was definitely one of their best beers! BTP still doesn't know what they are going to put in it (ice wine barrel), or at least they aren't saying yet ;).
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