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Black Ops

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by MVP09, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (400) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Wegmans Northboro, MA $20. Nice surprise while picking up dinner
    This place is under rated
  2. twenty bucks? that's the most reasonable price i've ever seen for black ops
  3. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (410) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    Wegmans always undercuts. The had BCBS for $20, Firestone DBA for $12, Breakfast Stout for $12.
  4. Picked up 2 bottles at Carls Meat Mart in kittery for 19.99 each.
  5. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (400) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Yea the place is great from what i see looks like everything goes out on shelf. FW Anni and Breakfast. In past I've seen DF 120 too for $9.50.
    Kiwi Rising for like $4. Stuff does not last so gotta grab it when u see it.
  6. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (400) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Carls had Rising Tide Polaris never been sounds like a good shop
  7. they still have rising tide
  8. drocpsu

    drocpsu Savant (275) New Hampshire Dec 25, 2006

    Carl's is a great little shop!
  9. codasnap52

    codasnap52 Savant (380) Connecticut Jan 24, 2008

    Total Wine in Norwalk had it for 18.99...maybe they will get in more. Sold out during their Grand Opening :(
  10. I just left Wegman's at 12:45 there is plenty of Black Ops left 6 or more on the shelf and a stack of 3 cases next to the rack 19.99 per .
  11. When I was in there last week I swear the bottle I looked at said $17.99. Great price either way, but I'm broke so I can't pull the trigger. Oh well.
  12. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (400) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Yea my bottle has a label on it that says special order $20.
  13. xanok

    xanok Savant (415) Connecticut Aug 13, 2009

    $12 is too much for FBS. Here in CT, I pay $9.99. The other two are more than reasonable though obviously, I've been paying $25 for BCBS.
  14. jomobono

    jomobono Savant (410) Massachusetts Mar 12, 2012

    I don't think I've ever seen FBS for $10 in mass. Love it if someone can prove me wrong.
  15. Cheapest ive seen it around central Ma was 11.99
  16. Flashy

    Flashy Advocate (615) Vermont Oct 22, 2003

    Wegmans is the best. Only place I've found Mad Elf or Nugget Nectar (there cheese section is larger then the entire supermarket in my area).
  17. MVP09

    MVP09 Savant (400) Massachusetts Oct 19, 2012

    Wegmans had Breakfast for 10.99 a few weels ago. Keep hoping i walk in and see BCBS Cherry or Coffee
  18. $30 at Blanchard's in Allston. Right around the corner from the expired sixers of Stone IPA and cans of Deviant Dale's from March. I mean, WTF?!
  19. Standard price was right about $12 give or take a buck, but BWX was running a $9.99 special on it since they got so much of it in. (I just double checked the email they sent)

    That said, I agree Wegman's seems to price as low as anybody.
  20. Black ops had an ok flavor but is so thin and for 25 at most places seems a little steep. Would much rather pick up a pack of bcbs
  21. Patrick

    Patrick Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 13, 2007

    That sounds about right.
  22. yep 30 is what i paid for it last year, and i regretted all but about 10 bucks of it... pretty underwhelming beer for what you have to pony up IMO.
  23. Black ops is rip ops........ IMO of course