Blackberry Porter

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    I racked the porter onto the fruit a couple weeks ago... just looking for some past experiences to give me a better idea of the optimal amount of time to let it sit on the fruit. Also, do you typically see an aggressive fermentation in secondary after adding fruit (seeing very slow bubbling, not nearly as rampant as expected given so much added fruit)? Thanks for the advice!
  2. if you have a thief..grab a bit and give it a taste..I did a blackberry last year and let it set for about a month..
  3. scurvy311

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    Wow. A blackberry porter, sounds delicious.

    The strength of the second fermentation depends on the amount of sugar available for the yeast. Also, as said many times, bubbles are not a quantitative indicator of fermentation. CO2 comes out of solution when it is disturbed, when nucleation sites are introduced, and when it warms, among others.

    You'll just have to go by taste. Kudos on the idea. I'm interested in the final flavor.
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    Going by taste doesn't tell you if the beer is done fermenting, nor if you will make gushers when you bottle. It wouldn't be an issue if you keg.
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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to his question about how long to let it sit on the fruit.
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    I think inchrisin meant that OP should make sure that the sugars from the fruit have fermented out before bottling.