Blend Love Release

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Shmeal, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Awesome thank you for the heads up!
    Fingers crossed that my buddy in Fremont can come through.....
  2. :oops: PS: I should have clarified that this is NE Portland. Not sure if 'buddy in Fremont' is in Portland or Seattle area... hope it is PDX!
  3. He lives in PDX:) He's holding two bottles for me now!!!
  4. Nice! Hope you enjoy!
  5. KevSal

    KevSal Advocate (690) California Oct 17, 2010 Verified

    I'm really looking for a bottle or 2 of blend love. If anyone goes down to grab a few bottles I'd love to make a trade!
  6. I can offer bottles of Beat for some Blend Loves if anyone is interested. I will be driving through in two weeks or could ship.
  7. HuskyinPDX

    HuskyinPDX Advocate (680) Washington Jan 23, 2011 Verified

    Wow! I'm drinking a Blend Love right now, but Beat kills it. Nice offer.
  8. beefandbean22

    beefandbean22 Savant (435) Washington Oct 15, 2008 Verified

    Thank you so much for that heads up, got a bottle today.