Block 15 receives Fifteen 20yr PVW bourbon barrels

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    I guess that's part of the question for me too. My understanding had always been that smooth = better but I guess smoother could just mean less alcohol burn, which opens up other flavors.

    Not sure I'll ever really understand though as I have no intention of starting in with the hard stuff.
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    I am at least trying to contribute to a conversation about the thread topic here and not trolling. If I am wrong than please educate me. But there is no reason to troll about the way you do. After all, it's just fucking beverages.

    I am under the assumption that the Pappy's barrels are hyped because they yield more intense flavors to beer since they held bourbon for a much longer time than many other barrels. I'm talking about the barrels, not the bourbon. If that's wrong, than a simple "that's not true because of this..." would of sufficed.
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    You keep using the word "intense", but I don't think that's actually the word you mean to use.

    Drink a sample of a spirit that has only sat in a barrel for a short time......then drink a sample of that same spirit that has sat considerably longer. It will be obvious which is more "intense".

    I.E. time allows the base spirit to reach a confluence with the barrel. With time comes nuanced flavors. You don't typically associate young spirits (relatively speaking) with subtlety.
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    Thanks. Your post was informative and not trolling. I appreciate that.
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  5. How come I remember something about how change of ownership of the distillery had some negative effect on the bourbon and that the barrles used in Rare represented the last true PVW barrels?
  6. are you? so far you've just called me a troll and "richard," so don't pretend you're elevating the conversation....

    ok. you're thinking of the wood as being a sink for flavor; it's not, it's a semi-permeable membrane with the outside world. in humid conditions, you'll have more alcohol evaporation from the barrel, and on a dry, hot day, you'll have more water loss. the overall effect of loss is called "angel's share," approximately 8% loss in the first year and half that thereafter. that's part of the reason you rarely see 20+ years of barrel-aged whiskey - kentucky is much more volatile in weather and loses more to the air, resulting in fewer good barrels that reach that mark. compare this to scotland, which is much more moderate in temperature and treats the barrels less aggressively.

    generally speaking, about 1" of the wood sees interactions with the whiskey, mostly to filter out impurities. there are some startups seeking to mimic those reactions via ultrasonic bombardment ( ), suggesting that most of the important reactions are understood at this point. one point they make: "the charred oak of the barrel itself ... acts like a sieve, trapping the large-molecule forms of alcohol (methanol, butanol) that give young whiskey such a rough edge. The process takes years, and as a result good whiskey is old and expensive."

    anyway, about what's left in the barrels... here's an interesting link about some of the science that goes into barrel aging craft whiskey:

    one takeaway is that the contents of the barrels affect the permeability (which makes sense if you think of it as a diffusion process: the gradient determines the rate of transfer). so you can't make a sweeping generalization about every barrel brand responding the same way (even all barrels within a brand respond differently - that's why there's blending). also, generally speaking, a distillery will make some large number of barrels with the same formula, and depending on the 'mind' of the barrel and the way it chooses to age, it will go into a particular brand. the w.l. weller line is the the same or similar formula as pvw, just selected sooner because they're ready. what this means is that having "pappy barrels" doesn't guarantee anything - it just means that the finished product was used in a particular blend for that brand, but the barrels themselves may have variance within, depending on the particular temperature they saw during their lives and the unique properties of the wood used for that barrel. most of the volatile compounds are going to boil off once the barrel is drained, btw, so picking up 'potent' stuff from the wood isn't too likely. you'll get the flavor, and from an older barrel you're going to get more nuanced, smoother whiskey.

    i probably could have delivered my message above in a nicer manner, but getting flooded with comments of "troll!" for pointing out that pvw barrel hype is getting ridiculous on a beer website has a way of getting me irritated.
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    You're right. I wasn't reacting in the best way. Thanks the above info.
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    Wow, thanks Levitation, that was an informative post.

    Anyway, I would still drink Block 15 if they aged in 7up bottles so I'm not too concerned about barrel nuances. I'm just excited to see what they do with them.
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    That's gotta be the largest swing from super troll-y post (first one) to totally useful non trolly-y post I've ever seen.
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    There has been zero trolling in this thread. Trolling is when the only reason for your post is to enrage, mislead, or generally hook some suckers. Hence the term "trolling." (it originates from the fishing term, not the mythical creature)

    Levitation was expressing a legitimate opinion, perhaps phrased in a way that rustled jimmies. That's not trolling.
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    when you come in rolling your eyes at the community because someone posted that a buzzed brewery acquired some buzzed barrels it feeds on the bad part of your reputation. there is no doubt that you have a plethora of posts that are extremely educational and good for the community, but there are just as many (if not more) where you just come across as abrasive and just mean spirited.

    you don't need to jump down peoples' throats for sharing information and getting excited. the OP posted some news about a brewery, nothing more, nothing less. unless posts were deleted before i saw this thread, you came in guns ablazin on the 4th post ripping on pappy barrels in response to barrels being acquired and some discussion about a beer already in said barrels. if you think that the barrels are over-rated, great, get ahold of the beer and rake the n00bs over the coals...or just skip the beer, can't tick them all anyway.

    granted after your rant, the experts came out and you put them in their place...but that first post seemed a bit unnecessary. i love the posts where you spout actual facts and knowledge, but i cringe when you go on the attack. it just isn't necessary.
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  13. au contraire. a few things to point out:

    - i've made this point many times before, but with much more information and much less of a scene. almost no one remembers it, because it was too helpful and dry.
    - i made a spectacle here, but i didn't insult anyone, just pointed out that there is ignorance driving barrel worship. people will remember it, because of the spectacle.
    - the post above, where i gave a lot of info, received fewer likes than my first post in this thread.

    i do what i do because it works. don't hate the player, hate the game.

    that's a lie - you don't like any of my posts, and we have numerous exchanges of "troll!" "emo kid!" to prove it.

    and again, i stand by my original post. how, exactly, does it show respect to beer when you're gushing more about the liquid that was in the barrels before the beer? assuming you even could tell the different bourbons apart for most barrel-aged beers (and i submit most can not - the hilarity over "pvw" '07 bcbs is a great example), isn't it a big insult to the brewer to gush more about the previous branding than his own? food for thought.
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    But vanilla twist, bruh.
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