Blood Orange Belgian

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  1. I was thinking about brewing a nice beer to sip on around the beginning of spring, was leaning a little toward brewing a blood orange belgain was wondering if anyone has made one of these, and might have some suggestions as well as some ideas to try. Im open to anything!
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    You could do a straight Belgian wit with blood orange peel (not sure if you could tell the difference with a navel orange though). You could also do almost any Belgian beer and add a squeeze of fresh blood orange juice to the glass. You could fudge and add a little CARARED to give it a red tint, use blood orange zest and call it a blood orange wit (or other Belgian style name).

    I have no experience brewing(fermenting) with fresh orange juice. I'm sure you will get some good ideas in this thread though.
  3. That's a good idea I read somewhere that you can actually put cut oranges, or other fruit for that matter in the fermenter... Any thoughts on that?
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    scurvy311 Savant (465) Louisiana Dec 3, 2005

    It wouldn't hurt to listen to The Brewing Network - The Jamil Show - Fruit Beers. It's free on iTunes and has a lot of good experimental and experiential data. I don't think he covers citrus fruit, but he covers many other fruits that you could extrapolate to citrus.

    I have never done citrus in beer before.
  5. Awesome I'm actually doing that now so thanks for the ideas!