bloomington (IN) craft beer fest

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by robwestcott, Jan 19, 2013.

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  3. robwestcott

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    i have no idea until someone else chimes in. i missed it the last 2 years.
  4. CWBlues

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    I went the first year. It was fun, and not nearly as crowded as the Indy fests, but every brewery still brought great stuff. Only issue was that it was so damn hot and no shade anywhere, but I think they've moved it inside the mill thing there now.
  5. WoodburyMN

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    Can't wait for this. The venue is literally in my backyard!
  6. bertram

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    Last year was great - moving it to April seems like a weather risk the way Indiana weather goes.
  7. robwestcott

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    just ran across this yesterday:

    Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW), culminating with the third annual Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Sat. April 13.

    You are invited to take part in the first ever Bloomington Craft Beer Week (BCBW), culminating with the third annual Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Sat. April 13. With support from the Brewers of Indiana Guild, we are hoping to get local restaurants, bars, breweries, retailers, and beer lovers involved with BCBW during the week of April 6-13.

    Here are details for how you can get involved:
    - Dates for BCBW events: April 6-13 – culminating with the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on April 13.
    -Local organizations are encouraged to design their own events for BCBW.
    -We want a focus on our fantastic Indiana beer heritage and growing industry.
    -Possibilities include some of the ideas below - but it's all up to you. If you have events scheduled for the week feel free to make them part of BCBW. (I'm personally hoping for an Indiana IPA event - oh yes!)
    • Bloomington/Indiana tap takeovers
    • Educational events
    • Retail specials
    • Brewer meet-n-greets
    • Special beer pairing menus
    • And more!
    - You can participate on an individual day or all week - no limits but we hope you will join us for a week of fun beer celebration!​
    We plan to have BCBW events each day leading up to BFest. Please think about how and when your organization can participate and feel free to respond to me directly via email or call/text me at 812-340-6223. I plan to follow-up within the next week or so. ​
    Oh yeah - did I mention a totally sweet iPhone and Android app? BCBW participating organization will be able to publish details about each event (including date, time, location (with map) and event details) and attendees will even be able to check in to your events!​

    pretty cool.
  8. bertram

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    I preferred last year's timing - the weather was perfect for the venue. This year being in mid-April, it's a crapshoot (though I'd gamble on lousy weather). Think I'm going to be skipping this year's, unfortunately.
  9. robwestcott

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    regardless of whether you go to the 4/13 beer fest, bloomington craft beer week 4/6 thru 4/13 is ultra-cool news.

    personally, i could give a rip if its 50 degrees or 80 degrees on the afternoon of 4/13 (a quick peek back at the HT on 4/13/12 shows a morning temp of 33 and a high for the day of 67 with a nighttime low of 54).

    the fest will be inside the woolery mill not open to the outdoor elements. yeah, it's a big warehouse type place that's not entirely enclosed, but i've got a warm jacket and a hat and i'm betting that if its cool-ish, there'll be some type of heat action going on

    here's a link to a few pics of the location, and one pic showing the 'relatively' enclosed indoor area

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  10. jmarsh123

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    There is a roof for this event. If the forecast is cold weather, there will be some sort of heat source. As of now, 39 breweries are officially signed up with many more expected. Local breweries will also have some food for sale. Tickets are being distributed to places around town this week and are already available online.

    I'm a member of the planning committee this year. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for this event, please BM me. We are always looking for more ways to pump up craft beer interest in Bloomington!
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  11. Jkoeneman

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    If 3,000 people are willing stand inside/Outside in January at the State Fair Grounds for Wintrerfest, April in Bloomington will feel like Summerfest. I heard great things from the brewers about the fest last year and wish I didn't have a conflict for this year.
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  12. bertram

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    I personally hope it's one of those Indiana Spring days where it's sunny and 75. Last year was a blast, the location is awesome and the beer poured was great.

    I get that they are tying this to a whole week's celebration of beer this year. Just wish it was later again for selfish reasons - like so that I could go.