Belgium Borefts Question

Discussion in 'Europe' started by youbrewidrink, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. youbrewidrink

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    So, I looked all over the De Molen website and could not find what the "secret ingredient" was going to be that the brewers needed to use in this years special beer.

    Not a big deal, just curious.
  2. it would be a pretty crappy secret if it was all up on the interweb.
  3. As long as the secret ingredient is not sour i don't mind.......
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  4. youbrewidrink

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    You have spent too much time with doopie.
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  5. Doopie is the real son i never had.......
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  6. yinzer

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    I'll be your bastard son if it means more Westvleteren in my life.
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    I'd adopt him. He's housebroken (until the 4th beer) and everything and I wouldn't have to lock up my gueuzez.
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  8. Big smile.......
  9. Jeffo

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    The secret ingredient is "lots of love." Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference...