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Bottle Caps Needed

Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by funkel81, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    Hey guys and gals, I'm going to make some furniture/art using bottle caps and could use some help...at my drinking rate it'll take me years to get the amount i'm looking for. Undented and no BMC please...I will happily pay for shipping

  2. dublthink

    dublthink Initiate (0) Feb 22, 2012

    good luck finding some... I have probably 500 that I have saved for a mosaic. I just need to go through and separate the colors.

    what do you plan on making?
  3. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    a few things...one project is like you, going to make a coffee table mosaic...working on a design now. what's your design look like? i also use them to frame pictures and coaster collections, etc...
  4. Keith238

    Keith238 Savant (300) New Jersey Jul 31, 2007

    I have a shit ton of caps that I'm just not going to get around to using. Send me a message with your address and I'll drop them in the mail this weekend. My wife will appreciate them being gone, and I'll be happy knowing they're going to a good home.

    #edit. Just saw you wanted them undented. Mine were all pried off but there are no BMC caps in there. Send me a message if you're still interested.
  5. nanobrew

    nanobrew Initiate (0) California Dec 31, 2008

    as a tip for opening bottle caps without denting them, place a coin (I use a quarter usually) on top of the cap, then pry open.

    OP: I recently sent a lot of caps to another BA, I have been keeping unique ones and sending out duplicates. I will let you know if I have enough duplicates to make it worth sending out.
  6. I like that. Never thought of that before. I just always used the old lighter trick
  7. LadyOfMuchBeer

    LadyOfMuchBeer Savant (380) Texas Apr 30, 2011

    So simple, why didn't I think of that?!! I will have to keep a quarter in the drawer with the bottle opener now.
  8. Yep, it works great too. I saw someone do that on a video once and have been using that method to save caps I want to keep.
  9. Thanks for this! I'm not too anal about using slightly-dented caps, but it's always nice to preserve them as much as possible.
  10. I've fabricated my own bottle cap openers for this exact purpose of not denting or prying out the sides. Even made some for a couple of friends for gifts. And in return I get their caps haha.
  11. When you're done, be sure to post the pix and send us a link
  12. PaulQuinn

    PaulQuinn Savant (295) Brazil May 27, 2011

    I'd love to see some pics.
  13. output01x

    output01x Savant (295) Ohio Feb 18, 2011

    Any chance we could see some pics of this?
  14. Sure. Currently making a brass knuckles one. I'll try to get pics of some the finished ones
  15. output01x

    output01x Savant (295) Ohio Feb 18, 2011

    Guy 1: "What are those for?"
    Guy 2: "I like to punch my beer before I drink it."
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  16. I just started collecting too. By the time I'm 30 (I'm 21) I might have enough to top a bar with and throw some glass overtop for a sick look.
  17. Jwale73

    Jwale73 Advocate (725) Rhode Island Aug 15, 2007

    Sentol bottle openers will pop a cap without denting it. Just doesn't work on a lot of the Belgians - usually 750mls.
  18. You can lever them off using your thumb wrapped around the the top of the bottle and a BIC lighter to pry against your thumb,and the bottom edge of the cap .Fulcrum idea at work here folks !!
    Once you get the hang of it they pop right off. Some are a little more resistant to this method but it works great doesnt bend the cap at all. Does tear up the lighter a tad bit tho..
  19. I think the dents and dings add character to the piece. I wouldn't want all of the caps perfect. In fact, I usually smash mine with a hammer (auto body hammer) and layer them like fish scales. I too have plans to make a coffee table. Not sure what design, but I think I will build a lip around the edge and pour resin over the caps until leveled off to the wood trim around the edge.
  20. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    yea, still think i want undented...but both would look cool.
  21. I have some virgin bottle caps from my local lying around. Never even been on the bottle, let alone pried off of one.

    I was supposed to send them to someone awhile back and never got around to it. :oops:
  22. Still need caps?
  23. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    i always need more caps!
  24. Anything in particular?
  25. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    just craft beer...more colors the better!
  26. Are you collecting all different or does it matter?
  27. funkel81

    funkel81 Savant (465) California Jan 23, 2011

    yea, just as many as i can get my hands on...want to do a huge mosiac so a range or colors is ideal...no particular breweries, just no macros!
  28. Other than placing a coin on the cap or the lighter method, is there another way (or an opener) to get the caps off without denting them. I'm looking to do a project similar to this and I can collect the caps easily, but I'd rather them not be dented.
  29. Doodler

    Doodler Savant (325) Colorado Oct 17, 2009

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  30. A screwdriver or similar tool (I use the flat screwdriver blade of a Swiss Army Knife), slight twisting motion under a few of the fluted sections of the crown to spread them open a bit, and you can pop it off with your thumb.
  31. stakem

    stakem Champion (890) Pennsylvania Feb 20, 2009

    I have a tungsten carbide wedding ring. It removes caps even cleaner than a lighter.
  32. jermsumm

    jermsumm Aficionado (150) Alabama Jun 3, 2009

    The paint can/ bottle opener and a little patience always worked fine for me. I just work it around the perimeter and it's good to go.
  33. I have a similar ring and it does work very well. Despite the fact that it can't be scratched, don't attempt this in front of your wife, especially if you follow up your argument with "...but I finally found out it's good for something!"
  34. I've also designed an opener that prys the cap up from under the skirt. Works pretty well. As a crown collector, I try to get caps in good shape but I'll add a crushed on if it's new to the collection.
  35. I made a couple of openers and they work fantastic. They don't leave any crease whatsoever. [​IMG]
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  36. Nice! Standard military issue, right?
  37. Haha. I wanted some nice bottle openers that wouldnt damage caps and these work perfect. I added a couple Air Force pins to them and they turned out great.