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Bottle shops in Vegas?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by DocJitsu, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. DocJitsu

    DocJitsu Savant (440) California Dec 28, 2009

    Are there any extraordinary bottle shops in Las Vegas?
  2. Here4Beer

    Here4Beer Aficionado (180) Nevada Nov 2, 2006

    Search Khoury's, Total Wine, & Lee's Liquor to get feedback.
    Prefer Khoury's for it's tasting room/personal customer service, Total Wine for it's prices/coupons, and Lee's oddball locations to procure more limited stuff already poached from around the city.
  3. DocJitsu

    DocJitsu Savant (440) California Dec 28, 2009

    Thank you. I'll keep this suggestion for the next time I visit. I had to depart at 0500 this morning and didn't have a chance to visit it.