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Bottles Available at Cantillon Next Week

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by sobeleg, May 3, 2013.

  1. sobeleg

    sobeleg Savant (470) New York Jun 29, 2011

    My sister will be heading to Brussels on Sunday and said she could stop at Cantillon to pick a few bottles up for me. Any chance anyone knows what they will have in bottles? I saw 50N 4E just came out, any chance any will be left?

  2. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Advocate (575) Australia Dec 29, 2006

    Not sure if 50N 4E will still be around...however i saw here that FouFoune wasn't available for take-away.

    I'm sure there'll be something really nice, whatever the rarity (if you can't get FouFoune or 50N 4E), for sale.

    Not sure if you are into glassware, but these are currently for sale at the brewery:

  3. Fou foune isn't available right now. 50N4E should still be available. They might require you to buy a few other bottles before they'll sell you any.
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  4. sobeleg

    sobeleg Savant (470) New York Jun 29, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely tell her to grab me one of those glasses, and attempt to get some 50N4E.
  5. DimensionX

    DimensionX Savant (325) Oregon Oct 1, 2010

    I picked up some 50N two days ago, you just need to get some regular stuff as well. Some lady asked for 12bottles and they said no. Good news for beer fans, bad news for mules.
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  6. This may sound like a really dumb question, but are they cash only? Heading out there in a few weeks and Just want to be prepared.

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  7. DimensionX

    DimensionX Savant (325) Oregon Oct 1, 2010

    Pretty sure I paid with a card
  8. Yes - they take cards

    I picked up 2 bottles of 50 degrees the week before last and had to purchase 3 bottles of the standard geueze with it - no hardship as I love Cantillon geueze but bear this in mind - 8 x 750 ml bottles weighs quite a bit !
  9. JCDenver

    JCDenver Savant (270) Texas Feb 8, 2010

    Any estimate on how long they will have this? Anyone want to trade me some in August? :)
  10. Does anyone know what bottles they currently have for sale at the brewery (on and off sale)? Particularly Fou Foune, any Zwanze, 50 degrees, Mamouche. Thanks!
  11. riko

    riko Savant (250) California Jan 18, 2008

    We drank the last bottle of Fou' Foune on Thursday, but they still had Zwanze 2012, 50 Degrees and Mamouche for on-site sales. The only one of those they were still doing take-away sales for was 50 Degrees, with no limit if you drank a few bottles in the tasting area first.
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  12. Is there a place online where the brewery update what's available. I am visiting in September and would love to what I can take home with me. Also, guess since every time I've been to the brewery has been myself, wasn't aware about drinking a bottle onsite.
  13. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Advocate (575) Australia Dec 29, 2006

    None that i'm aware of for take-away. This thread is the best i've come across.

    For on-site, maybe try Untappd check-ins?
  14. maximum12

    maximum12 Advocate (735) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    As of last week they had only the kriek, gueuze, & Rose for takeaway.

    They did have some killer bottles for consuming on-site, including 50N4E, Zwanze 2012, & a few vintage things.

  15. Guess I better find/make some friends when I visit in september.
  16. BenSw

    BenSw Aficionado (100) California Apr 5, 2012

    When I was there on Tuesday, they still had bottles of 50n. You had to buy 2 other bottles for 1 bottle of 50n with a limit of 3. They also had LP Framboise, and I heard Fou' foune is releasing in a few weeks
  17. volta

    volta Savant (330) New Jersey Dec 21, 2008

    That's fantastic news! I'll be heading there in 2 weeks, do you remember what they were charging for the bottles you listed?
  18. I was there Saturday. 50N4E (15 euro) was buy 3 to get 1.

    Lou Pepe Framboise: 8.50
    Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio: 5.00 750ml/3.20 375ml
    Kriek 100% Lambic: 6.30/4.00
    Rose de Gambrinus: 6.30/4.00
    Cuvee Saint-Gilloise: 6.00

    Out of: Mamouche, Vignerrone, St Lam, Fou Foune, Iris, LP Kriek, Grand Cru
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  19. maximum12

    maximum12 Advocate (735) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    While I can't be disappointed after having some wonderful beer on tap & out of the bottles, a bit bummed we missed the Lou Pepe & 50N4E to go by just a few days!
  20. When are you going in Sept? Ill be out there with the girlfriend Sept 6-9 I think

  21. 20th through 22nd
  22. volta

    volta Savant (330) New Jersey Dec 21, 2008

    Any updates? Ill provide one when I'm there Wednesday
  23. belvedere86

    belvedere86 Savant (455) Belgium Apr 1, 2013

    they had regular geuze, kriek, LP framboise, Gambrinus, St-gilloise and 50N4E when I was there Saturday.
  24. maximum12

    maximum12 Advocate (735) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    Just to be clear, that's the list for on-site consumption. When we were there most of the bottles on the board were not available for take-away.
  25. Link isn't working for me? Just takes me to the instagram home page?
  26. volta

    volta Savant (330) New Jersey Dec 21, 2008


    Wednesday (8/7/13) at the brewery. These are for on-site consumption
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  27. volta

    volta Savant (330) New Jersey Dec 21, 2008


    These are for take-out. In addition to Lou Pepe Frambose & Cuvee Saint-Gilloise
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  28. It's going to be difficult to just bring back 12 bottles!
  29. Going to be there 8/20 or 21-8/23. Recommendations on bottleshops? food? events? iconic landmarks or other experiences?
    Any other BAs want to meetup (local or on vacation like me)?

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