Bourbon Barrel Aged Three Philosophers

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  1. Just saw that Ommegang has a BA version of Three Philosophers. Never saw these on the ISO boards, and was just wondering if anyone knows what it would take to land one of these bottles.

  2. If i recall it was a very limited release, only 250-300 bottles were made. I had it last year and was amazing. They also made a cave aged. That was aged in howe caverns. Both were amazing.. But as for getting your hands on one. I personally cant help ya
  3. I wish I had know about this in 2010 when they released it. I had just started getting into craft, and three philosophers is easily one of my favorite quads. I'm assuming there's less than a 100 bottles at this point.
  4. It would take quite a whale to pull one of those. Almost two years old and only 200 bottles.
  5. i do know of someone who has a few of them.. but i know for a fact that he is not willing to let them go.. i do however have 2 jeroboam's of 3 philosophers signed by the head brewer phil leinheart!!
  6. I don't think I even have the whales to trade for it, I can always hope though.
  7. Not really looking for a collectors item, I would really love to try the BA version
  8. Odds are you don't then. Never hurts to try though - offer up your most rarest beer or two and see if you get a nibble.
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    they were all 200 or less bottles.

    i had a few bottles of the BA Abbey, the BA Adoration and a single bottle of the BA Three Philosophers. i thought the BA Adoration was amazing fresh...the last one i had was pretty oxidized. the BA Abbey was probably the best of the bunch and held up decently from the 2 or 3 bottles i drank, had my last one a few weeks ago. the BA Three Philosophers was not that good and i preferred regular to the BA version.

    a few times i tried to trade them and there was pretty much 0 interest in even going $4$ since the BA ommegangs went for $30 a pop. i tossed one or two of those bottles in trade boxes as surprises for ticker trading partners. i'd be surprised if you can find anyone who has one still and i'd say that they are probably not worth what you'd have to give up for them to anyone who values them.
  10. I haven't had the pleasure of trying but as most know, the regular 3Phil is amazing in itself. I have it readily available if anyone is interested.
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    i've only seen it at fests and thought it was amazing.

    you may have some luck emailing the brewery directly and trying to come down for a bottle share? it's a long shot, but open market trading is probably a longer shot.
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    If you are unable to get ahold of the BA version perhaps instead settle on attempting to age a few bottles of the regular version. I cannot speak for how great it is, but I have heard it is amazing with a bit of age.