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Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Dark Lord

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by d4radio, May 31, 2012.

  1. d4radio

    d4radio Aficionado (190) Colorado Jun 2, 2011

    Just curious if anyone has traded theirs yet and if so what has it gone for? Also do you think it would land a Blabaer 750? Thanks.
  2. Jparkanzky

    Jparkanzky Initiate (0) Ohio Apr 5, 2011

    If you want a Blabaer for it.... put it up and find out. Otherwise, why not just offer it for what you would be happy to get in return for it?
  3. cfh64

    cfh64 Advocate (740) Texas Aug 16, 2005

    Traded 2 rares for one bourbon vanilla plus one regular dark lord.
  4. dmsulli

    dmsulli Savant (280) Illinois Jan 30, 2012

    I had someone offer me my choice of 3 between Black Note, GI Rare, Founders CBS, Chocolate Rain.

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger finally.
  5. Considering a trade for CFH '12, Beat b5, Darkness '09, BT '11, and DL '07, for my '12 Bourbon DL. I imagine more would be added for a Vanilla.
  6. Jparkanzky

    Jparkanzky Initiate (0) Ohio Apr 5, 2011

    I turn around to find myself in the "Help me make sure I don't 'lose' in my trade for my BA DL" thread.
  7. d4radio

    d4radio Aficionado (190) Colorado Jun 2, 2011

    Sorry if I phrased it wrong from the start. My main question was the Blabaer part. I dislike all the "helpful" feedback on the ISO:FT so I figured this was an okay place to get a feeler. Someone posts what they think is fair or what they want for their beer only to get 30+ comments telling them they are way off. By no means am I trying to get everything out of this beer. To me it's worth more than a Blabaer, but that's based on the experience of the road trip to get it. I doubt most Blabaers are obtained from personal journeys to Olbuttikken, and their value is on what they traded/paid to get it. I only posted this because I haven't seen a lot of them in the forum and I know the bottle count was larger this time, so it was pure curiosity. Thanks for the input.
  8. Holy crap.
  9. Holy crap again.
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  10. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Champion (835) New York Dec 13, 2009

    first day in the trading general/help forum eh? at least we aren't talking about ebay sales (yet).

    side note - bet you were pretty bummed when diana degarmo and ace got engaged on idol huh? well, there is always katharine mcphee (fly me with balloons...)
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  11. do you actually have it on hand or are you planning to pick it up at dld 2013?
  12. Low hanging fruit is the easiest to pick.
  13. paslaugh

    paslaugh Aficionado (170) Illinois Feb 17, 2012

    A few weeks ago a Blabaer went for a Vanilla Dark Lord. I'm not sure which year it was or whether or not it was a 750ml or a 375ml.

    I think each person was only allowed to get 1x750ml and 2x375ml last year.
  14. csano

    csano Initiate (0) Washington Sep 21, 2010

    I don't know the numbers for 2012, but for 2011, there were only 200 750ml bottles and a little more than that in 375ml bottles. Allocation was one of each and it was considered sold out once all of the 750ml bottles were gone with the remaining 375ml bottles being made available for on-site consumption. The 750ml bottles were 46(that's ~$57 USD) and the 375s were 23.

    People from all over Europe went to Ølbutikken to get bottles on release day, much in the same manner as people went to Three Floyds' for Dark Lord. It's no different, really.

    Point is, value your beer however you want, but to me, 1:1 is fair.
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  15. Maybe not as many Americans but just like you are willing to drive hours for DL there are many Europeans that do the same. I do know of some people that flew to Denmark solely for Blabaer but that was back when there wasn't a crazy limit on them.
  16. d4radio

    d4radio Aficionado (190) Colorado Jun 2, 2011

    Csano and bearsonacid thank you for that information. That was helpful.
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  17. csano

    csano Initiate (0) Washington Sep 21, 2010

    Glad to help out, man. Good luck with your trade. Hope you're able to find something you want.
  18. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Illinois Nov 23, 2010

    You DID try to pre-trade a BA Baller Stout...
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  19. aasher

    aasher Champion (930) Indiana Jan 27, 2010

    I did Vanilla for a Blabaer 750ml bottle for bottle, albeit with a friend and in person.
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  20. Jeffo

    Jeffo Advocate (660) Netherlands Sep 7, 2008

    There was what, 1,000 bottles of the Bourbon Vanilla DL? I think there were 200 75cl Blabaer last year, and it was in Denmark. I don't know how big this year's release is going to be. You'd probably have a better chance if you were willing to trade overseas I'd think. Domestically, I wouldn't want to be the guy trading away the Blabaer unless I had some kind of guaranteed open pipeline.

  21. aasher

    aasher Champion (930) Indiana Jan 27, 2010

    Much less than a 1,000 bottles of Vanilla Bourbon. The regular Bourbon BA DL had even more than 1000, should be 1108 (420+688). I'm with you but it all comes down to what you've had before. Either bottle will most likely be the easiest way to attain the other.
  22. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    I have said this before somewhere but I traded a 2011 750 Blabaer for a Bourbon Vanilla DL. Two reasons 1. I openly stated prior to scratching my ticket and losing that if anyone in the group of people I was with won and got Vanilla the Blabaer was theirs (which is exactly what happened, aasher was that person). 2. I had 2 Blabaers

    So I think it can indeed happen domestically, but you may need to be patient and wait for the right person to see it. Once 2012 Blabaer is around it should hopefully be easier.

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